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1. Schedule A Consultation

Schedule a consultation with our President and Founder. We’ll review your current marketing and discuss a plan to improve.

Launch a Dental Marketing Campaign

2. Launch Your New Campaign

We’ve been busy getting things ready for you. Now it’s time to sit back and relax while results start pouring in.

Dental Marketing to Make Your Dental Practice Grow

3. Watch Your Practice Grow

Your increased online visibility isn’t going unnoticed. New patients are scheduling appointments, and your business is flourishing!

A Dental Marketing Company You Can Rely On

Finding a dental marketing company that you can trust and align with your practice is challenging and tiresome. We provide all-inclusive marketing from marketing and dental experts with reporting transparency. That way, you can spend more time on what you love: dentistry.

  • The “Bait and switch” is out of style: Many companies sell you a lesser service and try to upgrade you down the road. Don’t fall for it. Our services are all-inclusive, so there are no surprises.
  • Not all leads are the right leads: It’s easy to send any type of lead, but qualifying leads are harder to get. We customize our marketing for your target market to provide you with the right patient.
  • Inconsistent results are frustrating: It’s tiresome to pour money into something that only sometimes pans out. We have a track record of dependable results that gets new patients into your practice.
  • Say “No” to irresponsible marketing: Accountability is hard to find, but it shouldn’t be. We know we provide the best services, so we are transparent in our reporting. You stay informed every step of the way.
  • Don’t put up with poor customer service: Is it impossible to communicate with your marketing team? At Pro Impressions, we make reliable communication a top priority.

When you work with Pro Impressions, we take the weight of advertising, branding, and online visibility off your shoulders. With a winning dental website design and dependable marketing, your practice will be on a path of growth.

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Yes! Our dental marketing expertise includes dental sleep marketing. Marketing for niche dental, such as sleep dentists, requires a separate brand that tells prospective patients the story of how your unique treatment can improve their whole life without introducing more stressors, as many patients assume it will. Pro Impressions can help your dental sleep practice pull patients into a story of a minimally invasive treatment that improves their physical and mental health for an increased quality of life.
Yes! Pro Impressions has a long history of helping TMJ and neuromuscular dentists increase the number and quality of new patients. Our dental marketing is tailored for your TMJ-focused practice and helps patients understand why your practice is the #1 place to seek TMJ treatment.

Comprehensive Dental Marketing that Wins

The Pro Membership

Just like every patient is unique, your practice isn’t a copy of another. That’s why we offer all-inclusive, custom marketing. The Pro Membership gives you the flexibility to revise your strategy when the dental environment changes. We’re constantly looking to the horizon to find new ways to showcase your practice.

Don’t get stuck with a one-size-fits-all marketing strategy that will become outdated. Choose services designed to last the lifetime of your practice.

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2023 Social Media Calendar Promo

Dentists Fail to Post Professional, Engaging Content on Facebook and Instagram

Not sure what to post on social media? Buy our 12 month social media content calendar for dentists. Get 365 social post ideas including 30 Holiday templates and easy-to-use Canva templates to help you create posts for Facebook and Instagram that use your branding and look great! Buy it today to take your social media to the next level.

Marketing Chairside podcast - learn more about dental marketing from Jonathan Fashbaugh

watch Marketing Chairside

By Pro Impressions Marketing

As dentists, you’re called into the room to examine a patient and give them some information and advice on treatment options that you see appropriate for them. You make sure that they understand the challenges that face them with their oral health, and try to impress upon them what will happen if they don’t take care of their dental problems. With the Marketing Chairside video series, our hope is to offer the same help to you, the dentist. Kick back, relax, and let’s spend a few minutes going over the challenges and opportunities that dentists face when it comes to marketing their dental practices and attracting new patients on the internet. In just a few minutes, you’ll have a better handle on marketing than you did when you first sat down.