Do you feel like you’re wasting money on your dental marketing? We talk to dentists all the time who know that something isn’t right. They often realize the services they’re paying for isn’t bringing them the new patients they need. These patients are instead going to other dentists in their city due to low visibility online. We understand how complicated and expensive marketing is. Let us help you increase your online visibility and attract new patients to your office.


Pick A Dental Marketing Package

1. Select Your Marketing Package

We offer three different marketing packages to select from. Choose the best one for your needs and budget.

Launch a Dental Marketing Campaign

2. Launch Your New Campaign

We’ve been busy at work getting things ready for you. Now it’s time to sit back and relax while results start pouring in.

Watch Your Dental Practice Grow

3. Watch Your Practice Grow

Your increased online visibility isn’t going unnoticed. New patients are scheduling appointments and your business is flourishing!

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Want to know if your business is reaching its full potential online? Let us send you a free report that shows which areas are doing well and which could benefit from improvement.

Jonathan Fashbaugh wants to build a dental marketing relationship with you

You Need A Dental Marketing Specialist

We work exclusively with dentists. Our experience and expertise have taught us exactly what works for dentists and what doesn’t. You won’t waste your money while we take the trial and error route. Instead, we provide you with a marketing strategy we’ve proven works. We are experts in targeted search marketing and know what it takes to get your website in front of prospective patients and make you smile about your marketing.

Download Our Post-Pandemic Marketing Recovery Plan

Other dental practices will seem to be stuck in a never-ending reboot with low new patient numbers. Your dental office can come back stronger than it was before the pandemic if you use this time to make some strategic moves in marketing and take steps in the coming months to connect with new and existing patients.


Dentists Shouldn’t Have To Keep Switching Marketing Companies

Dental marketing is complicated and expensive, and without a proper strategy in place to attract new patients, dental offices don’t grow. Pro Impressions helps dentists win by providing affordable tools and expertise to increase visibility and connect them with new patients.


Online Practice Center

This is perfect for any dental office that wants to understand what’s going on with their marketing.

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Online Practice Center + Membership

Ideal for dental offices that want to build on more of their online visibility and need help executing it.

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Online Practice Center + Custom Premier Membership

Custom-designed to provide leaders in dentistry with the tools and services they need to stay competitive.