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We help dental offices market their practices on social media every day, but we know we’re not for every office. Even so, we want to help you succeed in hopes that we might someday be able to work more closely together. That’s why we created this free 30 Minute Dental Social Media Marketing Course!

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Who is this Course For?

Our free 30-minute dental social media marketing course is for dentists, office managers, assistants, and hygienists who are struggling with:

  • A lack of confidence
  • A lack of direction or ideas for posting
  • Quality in their social media posts
  • Having the time to get social media marketing tasks done while meeting their other duties (like seeing patients!)

Who is Teaching the Course?

Rhiannon Myers, Social Media Marketer

Rhiannon Myers, Social Media Marketer

Rhiannon Myers has worked in social media marketing for most of her career and has helped many dentists succeed in growing their practices. She has a Bachelor of Science degree in business administration from Colorado State University with a concentration in marketing. She also has two certificates, the first in branding and market communications, the second in market research and data analytics.

Jonathan Fashbaugh headshot, President of Pro Impressions Marketing - Dental Marketers

Jonathan Fashbaugh, President, Pro Impressions Marketing

Jonathan is the founder of Pro Impressions Marketing and has been helping dentists with their marketing for over 20 years. Since the company’s inception in 2010, Jonathan has helped dentists improve their online visibility and understand social media’s role in the overall marketing campaign. He has a degree in digital media arts and has written marketing articles for Inside Dentistry, the Ortho Tribune, and other publications.

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What is in the Social Media Course?

This free social media marketing course features:

  • Free action-ready tips and strategies made just for dentists and dental office staff members (dental consultants welcome too!)
  • Downloadable PDF toolkit
  • Recommendations for social media platforms (hint: it’s not the same for everyone)
  • Post ideas for dental offices that get results
  • Tips for how to get more results from every post

All are available here on this page in about 30 minutes, free of charge. If you’re running your dental office’s social media campaign, then this free 30-minute social media marketing video course is for you.

Will Your Social Media Activity Boom or Bust?

Don’t waste your time on social media work by doing the same thing you’ve always done. To get better results and to feel better about your investment, you need to make a change. For just 30 minutes of your time, you can improve:

  • The direction of your campaign
  • Your confidence in your abilities
  • Your tools
  • The focus of your efforts on the profiles that matter

So, sign up for the course. You’ll be able to complete it at your leisure and even take the 30-minute course in multiple sessions if needed.

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