Author: Colleen McCarthy Flenz

Collen and her husband
Colleen McCarthy Flenz is the Director of Content Marketing at Pro Impressions Marketing. She grew up in Appleton, Wisconsin, where she spent her childhood exploring the outdoors and reading every book she could get her hands on. From an early age, writing became her passion.

Later in her career, Colleen found another love; helping businesses succeed. Coupling those two passions, Colleen attended Lakeland University and earned degrees in Digital Marketing and Business Administration. Soon after, she began writing content for dentists’ websites to increase online visibility, educate patients with informative and engaging dental content, and provide dentists with actionable marketing advice that will increase patient flow.

Colleen is the author of the newsletter New in Dental Marketing and #StaySocial. She stays up to date with the latest dental trends, technology, techniques, and procedures to aid dentists in communicating the value they bring to a patient’s life.

Now living in northern Colorado, Colleen employs her passions for writing and business success to provide trusted marketing that helps dentists grow their practice.