Google Adwords and Mobile Users

Managing Google Adwords campaigns for practices across the United States has allowed opportunities to test a variety of pay-per-click strategies and to uncover tactics that help us to convert more traffic into phone calls and emails. By pruning keywords and ad groups that would otherwise water down results and bring in garbage inquiries masquerading [...]

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The Relevance of Secondary Websites Today

Multiple practices have emailed me recently, forwarding solicitation emails from a company selling procedure-specific secondary websites (sometimes called "mini-sites") that are promoted using Google Adwords and SEO. This tactic has some merits, but it also has a lot of challenges. Merits Highly relevant content means improved SEO and pay-per-click (Adwords) effectiveness In-depth content (multiple [...]

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Rustling Up Reviews

We are always evaluating new ways to cultivate online reviews, including some third-party vendors and helping our member dental offices to work requests for online reviews into their processes. Google, Yelp and other services are hiding more and more reviews that they believe may be fabricated. It's frustrating! Some of these third-party vendors may [...]

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