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Calling All TMJ and Sleep Dentists

Your life-changing dental practice treats unique patients. You don’t perform traditional dental services, and because of that, you need marketing as niche as your TMJ and sleep practice. Pro Impressions Marketing can help you target your ideal market and get more of the patients you’d like to treat. Check out our marketing resources for TMJ and sleep dentists.

Yes! Pay-per-click advertising(PPC) is excellent in many markets, especially niche ones. PPC allows you to pick and choose the type of patient you want to target with demographics and keywords. It also allows you to exclude search types with negative keywords. Do you want to avoid dental cleaning and exams? No problem!
It’s important to let Google, other search engines, and prospective patients know that you are an authority in TMJ dentistry and sleep dentistry. Having helpful, complete, and unique copywriting and the proper search engine optimization will let search engines know to serve your website to users looking for TMJ and sleep dentistry. You’ll be seen as someone trustworthy with expertise and authority.


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Keep More Money with Fewer Dental Patients: Insurance, It's OK To Say NO, and Relationships

Keep More Money with Fewer Dental Patients! Insurance, It’s OK To Say NO, and Relationships

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