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In PPC for dentists, avoiding duplicate content on your website, and staying on top of online reputation management. Here are the last 5 best practices for dentists to use in creating their marketing strategy.

1. Build an Interactive Website Design

If you want the best dental website design, you might think about including interactive elements. Just because you’re a dental website doesn’t mean your website needs to be boring. Why not include some elements for patients to click on? The engagement with your website helps user experience, and lets search engines know that people are interested in what you have to say. In turn, you’ll increase your organic traffic and ranking.

2. Use Your Google Business Profile

Google Business Profile may be more widely known by its former name, “Google My Business.” Think of it as a mini-website that patients don’t have to click into to find information. But you can still share your most valuable content. You’ll find Google Business Profiles on the right side of the screen on your computer. It’ll show the company name, some photos, phone number, website link, give directions, hours of operation, reviews, social media profiles, and even social media posts. Without ever having to click into anything, you’re giving patients a sneak peek into your practice. It’s just another opportunity to show that you’re the best!

Besides benefiting the patient experience, it also benefits your ranking on Google. Google is the most widely used search engine, and if you continually update your Google Business Profile, Google will know you’re a legitimate business with things to share.

3. Be a “Giving” Brand

It never hurts to be known as a “giving” brand. That doesn’t mean you need to give out free services! Being a giving brand means sharing information and becoming a thought leader in dentistry. When you give out unbiased information about treatments and allow people to make their own decisions, you build trust among your potential patient pool. Patients will know that if they have a dental need, they should contact your office because you are giving and trustworthy.

Being a giving brand by sharing unbiased information will also help your search engine organic rankings. Google and other search engines scour websites to find the ones that will best suit the needs of their users’ searches. More “free” unbiased information sets you apart as an industry leader in Google’s eyes.

4. Use Clear, Consistent Messaging

Consistent and clear messaging is essential to a successful marketing campaign. Make sure that each of your channels is unified in how you plan to bring about new patients. That doesn’t mean that each messaging channel needs the exact same information; rather that all the information is in support of the same goal.

Here is another content marketing gem that’ll help you gain new patients: people don’t buy the best; they buy what they can understand the best. You could have the best services in the industry, but if your website doesn’t clearly communicate what you do and why patients should choose you, you’ll lose out to a lesser dentist. Think about each interaction your patients have with your marketing and view it as an interview. The patient is the interviewer; you are the interviewee. The patient/interviewer wants to know what you can offer them and why they should choose you over someone else.

Be clear and consistent in your marketing messaging, and you’ll win more new patients.

5. Make Data-Driven Decisions

It’s really easy to see another dental website or marketing message and decide you have to have what they have but beware! Just because something works for someone else doesn’t mean it will work out in the same way for you. That’s why each decision you make needs to be backed by data.

Do you look at your social media engagement reports? If things aren’t trending upward, maybe try making a change and tracking the results. You might just find the sweet spot. The same can be said for your Google Ads campaigns. Use the data Google provides to determine if you need to up or lower your budget, tweak your targeting, or update your imagery or message. Do you send out newsletters? Check those open and click rates! Changing up your content might help you get more engagement.

Do You Need Dental Marketing Experts?

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