Ice Cream Fairies

National Soft Ice Cream Day is this Thursday (8.19) and National Tooth Fairy Day is Sunday (8.22)! These holidays give your dental office the opportunity to have some fun with your followers while keeping them educated.

Soft serve ice cream cone at the Market Square in the center of Helsinki, Finland on hot day in July 2018.

Post Ideas

National Soft Ice Cream Day

  • Discuss TMJ symptoms
  • Explain a TMJ soft food diet
  • Share how your office treats TMJ
  • Show what happens during a TMJ consult
  • Order soft serve for your team and take fun photos
  • Take a poll of followers’ favorite soft serve flavors

National Tooth Fairy Day

  • Give tips for pulling a loose tooth
  • Share oral health tips for kids
  • Remind parents to schedule their child’s next appointment
  • Discuss what to do if the tooth fairy needs to visit when you’re an adult (tooth replacement options)
Dr. Bender showing off a goofy rock painted


Kudos to Bender, Kind, & Stafford Dental for staying social this last week!

BKS Dental stayed social with a post inviting patients to find this fun rock in their office. This is great for showing their team’s personality, while also inviting online patients to visit them in person to take part in their mini scavenger hunt.

Kudos to Contemporary Dentistry for staying social this last week!

Contemporary Dentistry stayed social by introducing one of their dental assistants to their followers. This is an easy way to introduce followers to your team and show appreciation for your staff.

Contemporary Dentistry staying social

Social Tip

Sometimes all you have to do is ask! Ask questions in your captions to get followers to engage with your content.


What kind of teeth do deer have? Buck teeth! Today (8.16) is National Tell a Joke Day so don’t forget to share some fun dental jokes with your followers.