If you’re not posting videos on your social media profiles, you’re missing out. Not only do videos perform better, but consumers also find them more transparent than photos. Nearly 87% of marketers use video content as part of their strategy and for a good reason. For one, 72% of customers would rather learn about a service or business with a video than by reading about it. That means if you really want your patients to learn about the benefits of TMJ treatment or dental implants, you need to make a video about it!

Before you write off video marketing because you think you need a professional camera crew to create short video content for your social media, that’s not the case. Just make sure you’re using a phone or camera with HD recording and good audio quality. You can always wear a pair of wireless headphones for enhanced audio recording quality if necessary.

To help you jump-start your video marketing efforts in your digital marketing campaigns, we’ve compiled a list of helpful video topics for your dental office to use.

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1. Videos About Specific Procedures

As we stated before, if you want your patients to learn about a specific procedure, create a video they can watch about it. It can be as simple as you sitting in front of the camera explaining the procedure or pointing to images on a screen. Talk to the camera as though it were a patient sitting in your office waiting to learn what you have to say. You can use these videos for different aspects of dental marketing.   Videos are a good fit for the different procedure pages on your website, landing pages for dental ppc campaigns, social media, and even your own YouTube channel.

Remember to speak in layman’s terms so potential patients can understand. Explain the procedure, its benefits, and why someone should consider it. How will it change their life? Touching on these topics can make your video more persuading.

If you have a lot to say about one procedure, create a series of videos about it. Every week, release a new topic about that procedure so your patients can learn as much as possible.

2. Meet the Team Videos

If you’re searching for new patients, let them get to know your team members before they book an appointment. Create a video for each of your team members where they talk about their experience, hobbies, and why they love their job. Posting these videos on your social media over a span of time can help persuade potential patients to pick up the phone and schedule an appointment because they resonated with your team so much.

3. Trending Videos

Every week there seems to be a trending video floating around on social media. Keep your office in the know by creating your own version of the latest trending video. If that means you have to skateboard around the office while listening to Dreams by Fleetwood Mac, that’s what you need to do. You’d be surprised at how well these types of videos perform on social media and how they can capture the attention of tons of new people.

4. Procedure Videos

With a patient’s permission, record certain parts of procedures to help patients know what to expect. You can even record parts of a procedure and then a voiceover of what’s happening after you record it all. These types of videos are incredibly informative for prospective patients.

5. Testimonial Videos

If one of your patients has nothing but the best things to say about your dental office and they’ve already written a raving review, ask them to speak on camera about their experience. A video is even more powerful than a written testimonial because it puts a face to the words which spark an emotional response from viewers.

6. Before and After Videos

Once again, with a patient’s permission, ask if you can take a video of their smile before their treatment and then another one afterward. Even better, film the patient’s reaction to their brand new smile! These types of videos help other patients see the possibility of working with you and it can also trigger an emotional response.

7. Office Tour

Online tours are more common than ever in the real estate world right now, so why not make one for your dental office? An online tour is a fun and easy video to create that shows your new patients what to expect for their first visit.

8. Teaching Videos

Want your patients to start flossing and brushing correctly? Take some informative videos of how to properly brush and floss your teeth. You can make videos about all types of home care from cleaning dentures and oral appliances properly to putting rubber bands on with braces. Think of anything you show your patients how to do and create a video about it.

9. Office Fun

Let patients know your office knows how to have fun. From posting videos about office celebrations and parties to simply just having a good day at work. Give your viewers a peek inside the life of your office. Don’t be afraid to do anything silly or funnyーpeople love it!

10. Contests

If your office is holding some sort of contest, create a video to announce it. A video will help attract more participants to your contest. Once you’ve picked a winner, take a video presenting their prize (with their permission).

11. Volunteering or Team Building

If your dental office does any type of volunteer work or team building outside the office, take a video of the event. This will help viewers get to know your team better and learn about how you give back to your community.

12. Convert OId Blog Topics into Videos

Does your website have years of blogs on there? If so, go through your old blogs and recreate these blogs as videos. You can use the blogs to gather talking points for your videos. Once you’re done with the video, embed it on the blog and repost it with a more recent date. Updating old content is always a benefit for SEO.

Then, post the video on social media and link it back to your blog so viewers can learn more if they want. This strategy will help you come up with tons of video topics while also improving website traffic and SEO at the same time.

Video Tips

Now that you have some video topic ideas for dentists to start with, it might be helpful to keep some of these tips in mind.

Want More Social Media Ideas?

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