1.960 billion people use Facebook each day. Of course, not all of those people are potential patients. But with a number like that, you know that people in your area of the right age and means to pay for cosmetic, sleep, or neuromuscular dentistry are using Facebook. What about the other social media platforms?

Instagram = 500 million

Tik Tok = 600 million

Twitter = 36 million

LinkedIn = 310 million monthly active users

We could go on. The point is that your target audience, regardless of age, is on social media. Using social media to promote and brand your dental practice will help you gain new patients and spread brand awareness and recognition.

Social media marketing can be hard to navigate, so here are 5 things every dentist should know to manage their social media marketing successfully.

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Be Consistent

Consistent Posting Schedule

The number one tip is to make a schedule and stick to it. You’ll need to post consistently to gain followers, promote engagement, and get new patients. Social media is a fast-paced environment in which information becomes outdated quickly. If you don’t post enough, you won’t make enough of an impact for your followers to remember your post or recall your brand when you post next. Post at least three times a week and up to once per day, and you’ll notice that your social media metrics (we’ll get to this later) rise.

It’s also important to be consistent with your brand and brand voice when you post on social media. Each branch of your marketing should have three things in common;

  1. A unified goal
  2. The same brand voice
  3. The same branded logo and colors.

Unified Goal

Sticking to a central goal makes your social media marketing targeted and purposeful. If your goal is to get more TMD patients to your practice, your social media goal should support that. For example, it could be to boost engagement by XXX% on TMD-related posts.

Consistent Brand Voice

Social media is a way to show your personality! Your brand personality, that is. Think of your brand personality as a person and stick to a consistent tone. If your brand is elegant and sophisticated, you shouldn’t post colorful jokes on your social media account.

Consistent Brand Colors and Logo

Remember when we said that social media helps brand awareness and recognition? The only way you’ll improve those is to use your logo and brand colors consistently. Always use the logo as is. Please don’t change the colors, the ratio of things within your logo, or run it backward. The more people see your brand represented the same way, the more likely they will recall it when they need a dentist. The same goes for your colors; if your post is branded, use your brand colors in some fashion.

If you’re looking for post ideas, download our social media calendar and get dental social media content for each day and templates to make them look professional.

Get Personal

Use social media to show your patients and potential patients who you are and what your office is like! However, there is a difference between allowing your patients to get to know you and your practice and sharing personal information. Share things about what’s going on at your office, such as birthdays, work anniversaries, patient gifts, company community service activities, and company outings. Don’t share details on your divorce, medical problems, or religious or political opinions.

While letting people get to know you is okay, your posts still need to be dentistry-related and professional.

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Engage with other Accounts

Social media is first and foremost one thing…social! Engage with other accounts by commenting and liking things that other people post. By engaging with other accounts, you’ll grow your following faster because more people will see your engagement, and as a bonus, you’ll get a boost in Google’s search engine ranking.

Respond to your Followers

In the interest of engagement, be sure to respond to your followers when they engage with your brand. You want to start a conversation, promote trust, and show that you’re a real human. Don’t forget to be social on social media!

Track your Results

How will you know your hard work on social media is paying off if you don’t track your results? Tracking your results lets you tweak your paid and organic posts to try and get more engagement and followers. Without monitoring, you might wander in the dark in the wrong direction.

Do You Need Social Media Marketing for Dentists?

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