If you Google “social media for dentists”, a wide range of results will appear. You will see a number of results. For one, dental marketing agencies selling social media marketing. Next, post ideas or pre-made posts and captions you can use. Lastly, services that auto-post content for you.

This auto-posting service might seem like the best option because it’s usually low cost and you don’t have to lift a finger. After setup, the software auto-posts on your behalf every day to fill your profiles with content.

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Unfortunately, these automated social media services for dentists aren’t all that they appear to be. Discover six reasons why you should avoid them. 

1. The Content Isn’t Always Relevant

One of the first reasons why you should avoid these automated social media services is because they don’t always post content that’s relevant to your dental office. The service automatically posts whatever content it wants—although some have options to exclude certain topics. You might not offer dental implants as a service at your dental practice but the software doesn’t know this. As a result, it will post about dental implants anyways. It might also post about fluoride when you’re a holistic dental office.

If you sign up for automated social media services, prepare to have content that isn’t always relevant to your dental office. This can cause confusion to your patients and make your office look unprofessional when potential patients bring up a post they saw on your account that isn’t relevant to your office.

2. The Content Isn’t Engaging

Automated social media services exist for one reason, to provide your social profiles with content. The content isn’t designed to deliver leads. It’s designed simply to exist on your profiles to make it look like you’re active on social media. The content isn’t engaging or personalized in any way. Your followers and potential patients will take one look at your bland content and scroll past it because it looks generic and not engaging.

3. No Options For Customization

If you truly want your dental office to stand apart from others in the area, your dental practice’s social media account needs customized and relevant posts. These automated social media services won’t showcase your reviews, before and after photos, or what’s new in your dental office. All the posts you receive from an automated posting service are generic content.

4. Posts Don’t Drive Traffic To Your Website

One of the biggest benefits of social media marketing is driving traffic to your website from outside of search engines. If you’re paying for an automated social media service, these auto-posts never contain links to your website. As a result, they won’t help drive any extra traffic to your website which is where you want to lead potential patients.

5. There is No Engagement

Not only will your followers not engage with the posts from these auto-posting services, but there is no one there to engage with your followers. If someone leaves you a comment, message, or review, it’s up to you to respond to them.

6. It Won’t Drive New Patients

The biggest reason why you shouldn’t invest in an automated social media service is that it won’t drive new patients. There’s no point in investing in social media if it’s not going to produce results. It doesn’t matter if this auto-posting service only costs you $30 a month. If it’s not going to lead to a patient, it’s just a waste of money.

Solution: Sign Up For Social Media Marketing For Dentists From Pro Impressions Marketing

If you want to get new patients, spread brand awareness, and drive more website traffic from your social media efforts, automated posting services aren’t the solution—social media management from Pro Impressions Marketing is the better choice. We offer three different social media packages for dentists to choose from and if you sign up for one of our marketing packages, we include our starter social media package at no extra cost.

Each package contains different features but they all have one thing in common: your social media content is relevant to your dental office. We also customize the content to showcase reviews and before and after photos. Additionally, we post links to your website to increase traffic. Our social media packages for dentists were designed to drive new patients to your dental office—not to fill your profiles with content.

If you want to get the most out of your social media efforts, we recommend upgrading to the Premier or Pro package. These packages contain more customization, engagement, posts per week, and so much more.

Sign up for one of our packages today or contact us at (970) 672-1212 to learn more.