A Smile For Every Occasion

This week is National Smile Week! Cosmetic dentists have every reason to share all things smile-related. Before and after photos, educational content, and videos are all options when choosing how to celebrate Smile Week.

attractive young woman showing off her amazing smile

Post Ideas

  • Demonstrate how cosmetic dentistry procedures can enhance a smile
  • Share employee and patient smiles
  • Explain what makes a great smile
  • Give smile health tips
  • Discuss at-home solutions to get a great smile
  • Post a compilation of your favorite smiles
  • Share what makes your team smile
attractive young woman enjoying the Alaskan view with her dog


Kudos to Dr. Richard Crosby DDS and Firouzian Dentistry for staying social!

Dr. Crosby’s team stayed social with a fun reminder to take care of your smile! This post is fun and creates a personal connection with those in their community while reminding patients to care for their smiles. This reminder post is great because they’re not trying to sell anything, it’s a normal photo their followers would see in their feed and stop to read but still brings awareness to their office.

Firouzian Dentistry did a great job of staying social with an Olympic Lunch! Having a team that’s close and has fun together shows in their day-to-day interactions with patients, so why not post that on social? Sharing the fun your team has lets potential patients learn more about who your staff is and why they should choose your dental office.

Staying social with an Olympic Lunch

Social Tip

Emojis! 🦷😄👏
Should you use them in your captions? It’s hard to go wrong! The focus should be on what you’re saying but emojis are a great way to grab attention. Your post doesn’t need 20 emojis but they can be sprinkled throughout a caption to help you make your point (check out our Instagram for examples)!


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