Do you already have social media management as part of your Pro Impressions marketing package? If you do, you might not know that you can upgrade your dental social media marketing package. We recently introduced two new packages current members can upgrade to if they would like to achieve more results with their social media.

Not sure if an upgrade is right for you? Here are 7 reasons why you should upgrade your social media marketing package.

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1. You Want Custom Branding

One of the top reasons why our clients want to upgrade their social media marketing is because they want every post custom branded. This means that every social media post that we create for you, it will be made specifically for your dental practice. Every post will contain your logo, your colors, and your own style. No other dental practice will have the same post as you. Upgrading to our Pro package will give you custom branding on every post!

2. You Want More Posts Per Week

Current members receive 3 posts per week but when you upgrade to a different social media package, you will get even more. The Premier package gives you access to 3 posts per week plus 1 Instagram/Facebook story and one personalized post (images/videos you send us) per week. This is a total of 5 posts per week! With the Pro package, you will receive 4 posts per week, 2 Instagram/Facebook stories, and 2 personalized posts per week for a total of 8 posts per week. More posts per week will help you reach more potential patients and expedite your results.

3. You Want To Add Facebook and Instagram Stories

If you’re not posting stories to your social media, you’re missing out on a huge opportunity for reach. Stories are more in the moment and typically create more engagement than posts alone. Not to mention, stories offer lots of fun opportunities for engagement like quiz buttons, polls, and question stickers. These can help you interact with potential patients in a non-formal way.

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4. You Want to Engage But Have No Time

Responding to comments and messages and engaging with potential patients is time-consuming but it is one of the best strategies to grow your social media accounts and attract more patients. Usually, dentists don’t have time to do this themselves and by not engaging, they’re not getting the social media results they want. When you upgrade your social media package, we will take care of all the engagement for you! With the Pro package, you will get one hour of engagement per week and with the Premier package, you get 2 hours of engagement per week. This is the time that our social media team will spend engaging with potential patients and enhancing your social media presence.

5. You Want To Educate Patients in a Fun Way

It’s unlikely that your patients seek out dental terminology or information on their own. They might have certain conditions and not even realize it. So how do you educate your patients without boring them? We offer a solution: animated videos! We create fun 30-second educational animated videos to help patients learn more about specific procedures or dental problems you would like to promote.

6. You Want To Track Your Progress

Another major reason why you should upgrade your social media package is so that you can track your progress. The Pro package comes with a quarterly marketing report that shows how well your posts performed, follower growth, and more every quarter. With this information, you can clearly track your progress to ensure your social media marketing is paying off!

7. You Want More Patients

When you upgrade your social media marketing package, you’re not just getting more posts and more features. You will reach more potential patients. Our goal with all our social media packages is to help you reach new patients but when you upgrade, you’re guaranteed to reach even more. If your ultimate goal is to grow your practice and get new patients, upgrading your social media package can help you accomplish your goals much faster.

Upgrade Your Social Media Marketing Package Today

If you’re ready to get better social media results, now is the time to upgrade your social media marketing package. Fortunately, it’s easy to do. Simply call your account manager or call us at (970) 672-1212. We’re happy to answer any questions you have. Then, we will set everything up to start your new social media package.

If you’re not a current client, that’s okay. You can still sign up for social media marketing. Browse our different packages and then contact us at (970) 672-1212 to learn more.