Pick A Cause, Any Cause

The month of October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, Domestic Violence Awareness Month, Down Syndrome Awareness Month, and National Dental Hygiene Month. Pick one (or more) causes to support!

Post Ideas

  • Share a post asking followers to donate to a certain charity, include a direct link to the donation page (Note: FB Business Pages cannot start a fundraiser but personal pages can)
  • Offer to match patients’ donations to a charity of your choosing (Example from Rochester Advanced Dentistry here)
  • Raise awareness for whatever cause you pick
  • Share how followers can support __ month
  • Share someone’s story about their experience with (insert cause)
  • Educate followers on your cause
  • Link to resources about your charity or cause
  • Explain the importance of dental hygiene
  • Discuss what a great dental hygiene routine looks like
Breast Cancer Awareness Month logo
StarImage dentistry staying social with what the best toothbrush is


StarImage Dentistry receives kudos this week for staying social with a fun TikTok trend that they made all about gum care. Trends and video content? A match made in social media heaven!

Video content is a great way to make followers stop scrolling, jumping on a trend is a fun way to reach new people, and sharing FAQs about dentistry is an ideal way to show your authority/knowledge on the subject. This means that not only are people stopping to look at your post, but that new people are discovering you and learning why they should trust you.

Some well-earned kudos go to Bender, Kind, and Stafford, Dental for staying social this past week. Events are back and BKS Dental is sharing news of a current community event but also letting followers know that one of their own dentists will be part of the cast! This post is a fantastic way to show that your team is involved in the community, showcases one of their dentist’s talents, and includes all the information a follower would need to get their ticket.

BKS Dental staying social being involved with a community event in Fort Atkinson

Social Tip

What’s going on in your community? Find out, get involved, and share your experience on social media! Social media is a great space to kick off your in-person connections. Showing that you’re involved and care about your community makes it easier to know what’s important to your neighbors and lets them know that their local dentist is truly local.


What’s up with Facebook? So much Facebook news has been popping up lately and it’s looking like a bit of a dumpster fire. There have been changes to Facebook ads due to Apple IOS updates, a whistleblower has leaked some internal documents, AND Facebook and Instagram are experiencing a global outage. Sad news for social media teams everywhere!

What does this mean for our clients? We can’t open Facebook or Instagram which means we can’t post or schedule anything to these channels. We’re rescheduling posts for later dates in hopes that these platforms will be working again soon.

When will Facebook and Instagram be back up? This information is currently unknown but we expect them to be back up within the next day or so.