I chat with dentists about what they want, then look at their dental marketing strategies and often find that things are not in alignment. Last week, while attending a TMD seminar given by a client, a dentist told me he wanted more patients in the areas of TMJ, sleep, and dental implants. He was frustrated because he mostly got patients who wanted routine dentistry and hygiene. “I keep telling them [the marketing company], ‘That’s not my focus,” the dentist said.

When I checked out this dentist’s website, I saw the problem. Despite having a brand that tried to communicate a luxury experience, his website was all about general dentistry. There were pictures of people brushing their teeth everywhere. The main message was, “Is it time for your next cleaning?” You get what you ask for.

example of aligned marketing for a dental practice focusing on TMJ and Sleep apneaEvery component of your dental marketing strategy needs to be in alignment. If you want to bring in a certain kind of patient, your marketing needs to show that. Your dental website, your social media, your ads— they should all talk about the services you want to do more of.

Let’s say you want more patients who need TMJ treatments. Your website should make this clear. It should showcase TMJ treatment results, patient stories about how you changed their lives, and why you’re the best choice for this service. Honestly, this fundamental principle is what makes our TMJ marketing so successful. We just keep the message clear. 

“We help TMJ patients!” and then keep other services secondary or eliminate them altogether. If you really don’t want your phone to ring with a patient asking for a root canal, then, for the love of Pete, get rid of your root canal page. There’s no rule in the dental marketing strategy rulebook that says you have to have a page of content about every little thing you do. In fact, I’m making the rule now: you SHOULDN’T!

The same goes for any other special service you want to offer, like sleep disorder solutions or dental implants. Focus on the services you’d like to perform the most. 

example of aligned marketing on social media for a dental practice looking to get more new dental implant patientsThis should also show up on your social media. Instead of just talking about regular dental care, post about things like the symptoms of TMJ disorder or why implants are better than bridges. Use testimonials from patients in your focus areas of care. Show people that you’re the go-to dentist for these comprehensive services.

Your marketing strategy and dental website should point to what you want. If you want to be known for a certain service, your marketing should show that. It should be a big part of your website, your social media, and your ads.

If not, you might end up with a goal that’s hidden behind a plan heading in a different direction. Your marketing plan and your goals should match. If they don’t, you’ll continue to be disappointed, getting patients who want services you don’t want to focus on.

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