If you’re a dentist and your online marketing is struggling, here are some quick tips to boost your marketing.

Limit Calls-to-Action to 2 at Most

Your patients are in a hurry, and thanks to TikTok and other spastic media influences, they have a short attention span. If your website is asking patients to complete forms, schedule an appointment, call, chat, review you, and on and on, you’re asking too much.

The patient is more likely to bail on the visit and keep looking for a simple, trustworthy dental website experience. Focus on 1 or 2 calls to action that drive patients to your office for appointments.

Ditch the Widgets

The fastest dental websites have few if any, widgets. That’s because widgets pull in code from outside servers that can be slow. This code, consequently, slows down your prospective patients’ experience on your website. If you’re considering adding a widget, be absolutely sure that you need the widget on your website. Audit the usage of the widgets by asking:

  1. Are people clicking on them?
  2. Are they generating actual new patient inquiries?
  3. If so, are those inquiries turning into butts in the chair?

If the answer is not ‘Yes’ to all three of those questions, ditch the widget.

Schedule Time to Review Your Online Marketing Decisions

We post next-level dental marketing ideas all the time, and if you’re reviewing your marketing, it may be time to pull the trigger on some changes. That’s great! But the most important change should be to schedule some time regularly to review results with your online marketing team.

Don’t lose touch with your marketing company. Even dental experts like us still value connecting with our clients because we need to know how your team is doing at closing dentistry based on the leads we generate.

Need a new online marketing partner who really KNOWS dentistry? Call Nicole, our marketing consultant. You can even schedule an appointment with her right now!