We need to brag about your accolades and we need great reviews, but social media is another easy way to build buzz about your practice. Hannah, our Social Media Specialist, recently sent this out to the social media point person at your office:

This is a challenge to you and your office to be social. If it doesn’t look familiar, let me know and I’ll forward you Hannah’s email. Basically, we want you or someone from your team to create a video like this:

or like this one from the Norfolk Police Department:


You may be worried about execution when creating one of these videos. “What if I look goofy?” Well, they all look a little goofy. You can tell that Dr. Constantine was a little embarrassed at the end of his dance video when he waves off the camera as he’s walking away. None of these videos are SUPER high quality, which brings up the next question.

“Isn’t this kind of off-brand for my high end dental office?” Well, this is social media. It’s supposed to be developing a relationship with your followers. Consider Dr. Michael Apa’s Instagram account. There’s no doubt that his office is at the top end of highend practices, and yet he’s not afraid to be a little goofy and self-deprecating. Social media is supposed to be engaging. If we’re not a little vulnerable and we don’t post something that they really will have a reaction to, then we’re losing on social. We might as well not do it. Cute dental cartoons and smart dental blog posts are not going to get the kind of attention that we really want.

Dr. Constantine got all sort of news coverage, including the coveted local newspaper article. He wouldn’t have received this prime exposure for just being handsome or witty, or even a great dentist. He took a risk. I’d encourage you to do the same!