How It Works: Chat GPT-4 in Dental Marketing

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Chat GPT-4 can help you optimize your dental practice’s online presence. Use it to analyze your website, and its large language model AI can provide insights that help you generate more ideal new patient leads.

What You Need: Tools and Integration

To get started, you’ll need a premium Open AI account to access Chat GPT-4 and link-reading plugins such as Webpilot to enable the AI to analyze web content. These tools work together to provide an objective evaluation of your dental website, offering fresh perspectives and actionable insights.

Chat GPT Website Analysis Tips: A Step-by-Step Guide

1. Analyze Content Focus

Prompt Chat GPT-4: “Identify the dental services emphasized on this website.” (replace the fake highlighted link with your own website address).

What to Look For: The bot will look at the home page of your website assuming that’s the link you feed it. It will spit out its observations of what it believes are your priorities. Based on the Chat GPT insights, does the content on your website seem to align with your practice’s goals and the services you want to emphasize? For example, if you want to be known as the go-to practice in your market for cosmetic dentistry, does your website reflect that focus, or is Chat GPT seeming to pick up other areas that are distracting from your priorities?

Why It Matters: If there’s a mismatch between your practice’s goals and the content on your website, potential patients may not get a clear understanding of what you offer. Ensuring that your website accurately represents your practice’s focus helps you connect with the right patients and avoids confusion. If a mismatch is identified, it’s an indication that the content needs to be revised to align with your practice’s true focus and goals.

You might be thinking, “It’s just a bot. It’s not going to really read my website like a human.”

Actually, people don’t typically sit and read through a website. They scan it, taking little snippets with them as they scroll through it. Chat GPT’s distillation of your website will give you a good idea of what your prospective patients may be taking away from their experience on your website.

2. Determine Demographic Appeal

Prompt Chat GPT-4: “Analyze the content to identify the likely target demographic.”

What to Look For: Chat GPT has been taught how to analyze language and make observations. It has been fed millions of pages of content. Analyzing your website’s text to determine its target demographic will be a piece of cake. Based on the AI’s analysis, is your website appealing to families, young professionals, seniors, or another specific group? If Chat GPT believes that you are targeting “children and families” and you really just want adult patients looking for more than just basic dental care, your content is probably too broad.

Why It Matters: Tailoring your content to the right demographic can increase engagement and generate more ideal patient leads. Reduce confusion on that point and you’ll have fewer inquiries coming from people who are unlikely to become patients at your office.

3. Evaluate Tone and Language

Prompt Chat GPT-4: “Assess the tone and language used on the site.”

What to Look For: Here, you’re looking for insights that are either there and unexpected or missing when you’d expect it to be there. For example, if you’d consider your website to be informative, and Chat GPT doesn’t share that as one of your content’s qualities, take note. Is the tone warm and welcoming or more clinical and professional? If you would like the content to be something that Chat GPT doesn’t seem to think that it is, ask a follow up question such as,

Why It Matters: The right tone can resonate with your target audience, building trust and encouraging them to take the next step.

4. Conduct a Competitive Analysis

Prompt Chat GPT-4: “Conduct a competitive analysis of https:/// compared to

What to Look For: The answer you get will likely not be a verdict on which site is better (large language model AI seems loathe to make up its mind in preferring options like this), but you will get an answer that contrasts the websites on a variety of points such as branding and messaging, services offered, special offers and membership, availability of patient testimonials and reviews, contact information and accessibility, and inclusion of videos and other visual content. 

Why it Matters: My mentor always said, “A great website isn’t designed in a vacuum.” You have to take a peek at what other dentists in your area are doing. You don’t want to copy them. You want to beat them! Use these insights to make strategic adjustments that can make your practice more competitive.

Expanding the Evaluation

Beyond the initial analysis, in theory, Chat GPT-4 can help you understand how well your website is optimized for search engines. There are multiple plugins that can help you analyze keyword density and can add content to, in theory, improve the website’s likelihood of success in Google rankings. I’m skeptical of the utility of these plugins to say the least. There are a number of SEO tools that have been developed over years and many already use AI to recommend changes. Using a plugin inside Chat GPT doesn’t make a lot of sense and blindly updating content that it recommends would be a mistake.

You can try to use Chat GPT to help you evaluate user experience but that gets dicey. The AI will tell you again and again that it is unable to analyze the visual design or interactive elements. It’s a large LANGUAGE model. You can try prompts like “Evaluate the user experience of https:///” (It’s especially important to specify your domain again if you’ve done the competitive analysis.) Instead try more specific requests like, “Conduct a navigability analysis on https:///”

Practical Tips and Best Practices for Chat GPT Prompts

Be Specific in Your Prompts: The more specific you are, the more detailed and relevant the response will be.

Ask Open-Ended Questions: Encourage detailed responses by asking questions that require more than a yes or no answer.

Use Follow-Up Questions: Dive deeper into specific areas by asking follow-up questions.

Future Prospects of AI in Dental Marketing

What if you could have AI design your entire website? What if it could update it on the fly based on user input? These innovations are coming and indeed, are here yet in their infancy, but they have limits. The availability of AI tools in marketing is actually not a new thing. Quality has always been an issue. Professionals spend more time correcting the AI errors that building/designing/optimizing the project from scratch. Cheap overseas labor in these areas is also a type of analogue to what the coming years may bring when it comes to Chat GPT’s utility in dental marketing. The integration of Chat GPT-4 and related tools represents a significant growth opportunity for your dental practice. You just need to understand how and when to leverage them.

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