Your dental office has an opportunity to either impress or make a poor first impression if your new patient forms cause major inconveniences for mobile users. Take the new patient form challenge and attempt to complete your new patient forms using your phone. Go ahead and try it. Do they look like this?

bad example of a new dental patient form, a pdf that you have to print and fill out by hand.

Oh, the PDF form… It’s a staple in dentistry, but it’s horrible to use on the average mobile device. People could, in theory, print your forms from their phones, but most don’t even know that’s possible. If I printed something from my mother’s phone, she would be awestruck at my techno-wizardry.

Smile On Dental Studio patients complete their intake forms with ease, thanks to the best dental website design practices.

great example of an easy way for a new dental patient to fill out their forms online

Their patients can complete their new patient forms the same way they use the office’s website, Facebook, or any other website. They can use their phone, tablet, laptop, or desktop computer, all with the same ease-of-use and professional experience. They can even start the process on one device and finish it on another.

The entire process is encrypted for HIPAA compliance. The team at the office downloads completed forms securely without the need for printing or scanning.

Many office software companies offer companion online patient form products. Unfortunately, these tend to be archaic in their coding. They look old, are not branded with the dentist’s logo, and are not mobile-friendly.

an un-mobile friendly new dental patient form where you have to scroll and zoom in and out to read and fill out.

Test Your Online New Patient Forms

Take the mobile online form challenge if you haven’t already done so. Using your phone, go to your website, find your forms (you can find them, right?!), and try to complete them like you’re a patient.

You may find that the first impression that a new patient gets at your office isn’t great. They may just decide it’s not worth the effort. You don’t want to risk them becoming frustrated and turning into a no-show at your office. You also don’t want your patient to add to their appointment time by completing the form at your office, giving your team more busywork. You and your patients have better things to do.

Rebuild Your Online Forms and Improve Web Presence

If your test reveals that your online patient form experience is more of an offline experience and a frustrating one at that, you’ve got options.

Pro Impressions Marketing member dentists have access to online patient forms at no additional cost. The forms replicate your existing new patient forms, customized with the fields you want and with your brand’s colors, logo, and contact information.

Call (970) 672-1212 or email us now. We can talk about upgrading your new patient forms and other aspects of your dental marketing.