Unlike dentistry, marketing trends and strategies are constantly changing. As your dental marketing experts, we stay on top of the latest trends to ensure our clients achieve the best results possible. One area of marketing that saw constant change this year was content marketing. With 5 months left of the year, we felt it would be helpful to explore the top content marketing trends of 2021 so we can continue to help our clients stay ahead of their competitors.

Here are the top content marketing trends to watch in 2021 and how you should make changes to your content strategy before 2022.

laptop screen showing the dental content marketing trends for 2021

1. Video is a Frontrunner

From 2019 to 2020, the total number of minutes of video watched increased 84.4%. The total minutes of videos watched equated to 12.2 billion minutes. As video consumption increases over time, it’s important to ensure video content is part of your content strategy. Your website and social media are both great places to showcase your video content. This doesn’t mean that you need to go out and hire a professional videographer. Although that might be the preferred method for videos to display on your website, it’s not necessary.

Most up-to-date phones today shoot in 4k which is the highest quality you will need to create good videos. You can simply take videos of procedures, explanations of dental procedures, or fun around the office. Take note from the successful dentist on TikTok, people won’t feel bored of dentistry content if it’s displayed in a creative way.

Investing in video production will ultimately help your dental office make more money. If you’re not already taking videos in the office, here is your cue to start. If you’re interested in professional videography, please contact us and we’re happy to provide a referral. 

2. Break Up Content With More Multimedia

Thanks to visual-heavy social media, the attention span of consumers continues to dwindle. This means they don’t want to read 4,000 words about dental implants. Instead, they would rather consume the content with more visuals to break up all the text. Visuals can include videos, photos, graphs, charts, and gifs.

By breaking up text with more visuals, it helps consumers comprehend the information better and it results in a better user experience. With that said, if your website is content-heavy and lacks white space, it might be time to consider a redesign.

If you provide your patients with any brochures in the office or PDFs with information, consider having it designed with more visual elements and less text. If you can get the information across with fewer words, that is the best approach.

3. Website Content About Value More Than SEO Tactics

In the past, website content was always focused on including short and long-tail keywords and meeting specific word counts. Today, those tactics won’t help you win at SEO. At least if they do, your consumers won’t have a good time on your website. Although SEO optimization is still important to achieving good results, user experience is just as important if not more. Your website content should be more than just capturing keywords, it should utilize those keywords in order to provide content that consumers find valuable and unique.

One way to implement more valuable and unique content is by providing patient case studies as blog topics. Case studies are generally short on content and heavy on visuals. Patients can learn all about the process that goes into specific procedures and explore their own potential results. Even adding personal anecdotes to blogs about specific procedures can make them more unique and valuable.

At Pro Impressions Marketing, we’re always happy to bring dentists’ content ideas to life. If you have any case studies or unique blog topics you would like your dental practice’s website to include, talk to your account manager to pass your ideas along to our content team. 

4. Personalized Content is Necessary

How well do you know your target audience? Do you know what types of content they like and don’t like? If you don’t know your audience very well, it’s unlikely you’re posting content that they find valuable.

By understanding your audience’s interests, likes, and dislikes, you can custom-tailor your content strategy to produce content they will actually enjoy. One of the perks of working with Pro Impressions Marketing is that we know the dental industry very well. With over 10 years of working exclusively with dentists under our belt, we understand the different types of patients you want to attract.

With our Pro social media package, we also analyze your social media performance to better understand what type of content performs best to adjust your future content accordingly. The better you know your audience, the more you can personalize content to their tastes. 

woman typing on her laptop

5. Quality Still Trumps Quantity

If you keep asking your dental marketing company for more content, more social media, more blogs without any rhyme or reason, you won’t necessarily achieve the results you’re searching for. You might think increasing the quantity will increase patients, but this isn’t always true. This is one reason why our clients no longer receive two short blogs per month and instead receive one long blog per month. Patients would rather read high-quality content once per month than thin content twice per month.

By switching to this strategy, our content team is able to dedicate more time towards research and coming up with higher-quality topics and overall content that provide better results.

6. Repurpose Existing High-Value Content

If a social media post, blog, or video performed exceptionally well, don’t forget about it. Instead, repurpose that content in a new and exciting way. One way we do this at Pro Impressions is by turning information from a blog post into an informational social media post or explainer video. We also update high-value blog posts with new information and re-publish them.

Not only does repurposing content help save brainstorming time, but it helps your results go even further.

Update Your Dental Marketing Content Strategy

Now that you know about the different dental marketing content trends to watch in 2021, have you found room for improvement? Maybe you need to upgrade your social media package to get more customizations or maybe you need to redesign your website to enhance the user experience. If you want to stay ahead of your competition and continue to grow your practice, please contact Pro Impressions Marketing at (970) 672-1212 to learn about our different marketing packages for dentists to discover which is best for your practice.