Christmas card with colorful holiday trees

Candy Cane Cookies

Who’s getting in the holiday spirit? We know we are! This week will include the first day of winter (12.21), National Cookie Exchange Day (12.22), National Christmas Movie Marathon Day (12.23), Christmas (12.25), and National Candy Cane Day (12.26).

Post Ideas

  • Share what your employees love about winter
  • Hold a cookie exchange with your team
  • Record a video of your team sharing cookies with patients
  • Share employees’ favorite Christmas movies
  • Take a Facebook poll of followers’ favorite Christmas movies
  • Share what dental gift followers should give friends and family
  • Show how your team celebrates Christmas
  • Discuss why you should avoid biting into hard candy
  • Take photos of your team passing out candy canes to patients


Kudos to My Hills Dentist and Massa Dental Center for staying social last week! We’re glad to see some different dental offices in our kudos section!

picture of My Hills Dentist admin manager donating blood

My Hills Dentist stayed social with a shout-out to their wonderful admin manager! Giving kudos to an employee is an easy way to show your appreciation for them while also letting followers know how great your team is. This post also shows how their team works to help their community and reminds others to get involved.

Instagram post of Massa Dental Center in Naples, FL celebrating the holidays as a team

Massa Dental Center stayed social with a fun group photo from their holiday celebration! Team photos are always a good way to stay social and remind followers about the faces behind your brand. MDC also showed their support for a local business by sharing where they went for their celebration, which reminds others to visit Bar Tulia’s!

Social Tip

Don’t forget to tag businesses or people mentioned in your captions! If a business doesn’t have a social profile, then tag their business location. Tagging people in posts they’re in allows them to reshare the content and gets your post seen by more people.



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