woman on computer looking to boost her dental seo on GoogleThe grass is greener where you water it, as they say. Your dental website is no exception. If you are pondering how to improve your Google SEO ranking and rise to the first page, naturally, look no further than the quality of your website’s content. It may matter much more than you think.

Your practice could miss the benefits if your online dental marketing strategy does not emphasize quality content. But what truly matters when producing quality content that Google and potential patients will recognize? Let’s dive into it.

Building Trust Relies Heavily On Reputable Content

The best dental websites on the Internet know this to be true: if Google doesn’t view your website as trustworthy, you can kiss a good SEO ranking goodbye.

Trust is the last (but not least) portion of the E-E-A-T (experience, expertise, authority, trust) method in online marketing. This acronym is extremely relevant regarding Google ranking your practice’s site (and you can read more about the entire acronym in another one of our blog posts here). 

If you want your site to rank among the best dental websites in the business, you must have a plan. A content strategy plan, that is.

Aspects Of A Successful Content Strategy

But how can you ensure that your website is trustworthy in the eyes of Google and potential patients? Here are some useful tips to spruce up your content and, thus, improve your SEO ranking that can easily be implemented in your content strategy:

  • Get your facts straight. Besides being grammatically correct and visually appealing, you want to ensure you are doing your research. Ensure your content is researched fully and periodically updated.
  • Make things user-friendly. You want potential patients to spend as much time on your website as possible, so make sure it is something to write (or email) home about. Using a variety of headers, indentations, and bulleted lists will make your dental website more appealing to searchers. Also, ensure your website speed is up to code (web design humor is our other specialty). A slow website tells Google that you aren’t a reliable source.
  • Implement site audits regularly. Regular site audits are a great way to ensure all links are in working order and all content is relevant and up-to-date. In a nutshell: it’s the way to Google’s heart. Doing periodic content re-writes can also further boost your SEO score!

Watch Your Online Presence Bloom With Pro Impressions

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