We live in a digital age. The latest form of a handshake could be considered a follow on Instagram or a friend request on Facebook. Social media platforms are not only a way for you to communicate with friends and family but also a way for businesses to communicate with their consumers. The way to reach potential patients has changed since the era of classified ads in the local paper or relying on the good ol’ phonebook (remember those?) 

Times sure have changed, and how you communicate with patients has followed suit. The terrain of online marketing for dentists looks a lot different than it did even 5 years ago. It’s easy to get overwhelmed – but the important thing is to make these various social media sites work for dental practice

Know Your Target Audience, Know Their Social Media

There is no shortage of social media outlets to choose from – but when it comes to online marketing for dentists – knowing the preference of your patients (and your demographic) makes all of the difference. 

Being active and interacting with patients on the right social media platform can lead more potential patients to you and show your current patients that they matter. They feel seen and heard by your practice. (Much like taking the time to respond to online reviews! You can read more about that in one of our recent blogs link here.)

So how do you determine what social media outlets your practice should use? Let’s break down some of our favorites:


The most popular social media outlet, Facebook, appeals to various demographics. Whether you are trying to target Gen-Z (ages 28 and younger) to reiterate the importance of oral health or Baby Boomers (ages 58-47) about the benefits of dental implants and other cosmetic procedures, Facebook is an easy way to reach patients of all types.

Whether you want to use short video clips, infographics, or just a text-only post – Facebook’s reach can be monumental for your practice.


Although Instagram is an image-only platform, it is extremely popular among the younger generations, such as millennials (ages 28-46.) It has also caught traction among older adults, as Facebook owns Instagram – making it a natural transition. 

The two platforms have become intertwined, with users enjoying both. Whether you want to advertise your cosmetic dentistry services, sedation dentistry, or routine oral care, Instagram can also reach many of your patients (potential and current.)


LinkedIn may not be the first choice when considering online marketing for dentists. Still, you may miss some serious results if your practice isn’t utilizing its advertising properties. 

LinkedIn is a social media site dedicated to working professionals. Chances are, that is who your patient base is mainly comprised of. Whether you want to post oral health tips or the latest in restorative dentistry, this is your platform to reach those who are using your services.

Don’t Let Your Online Presence Dwindle

You don’t have to go it alone regarding online marketing for dentists. Here at Pro Impressions Marketing, we are more than happy to take the reins. The Pro Impressions Marketing Pro Membership can aid your practice in reaching more patients and becoming an online marketing powerhouse. Call (970) 672-1212 or make an appointment online. – we can’t wait to help you find more ideal patients!