Dentists often approach Google Ads with trepidation and uncertainty. They’re aware of its potential but aren’t quite sure how to harness it. Often, they’ve tried the tactic before but felt like Google Ads let them down. The key to effective Google Ads isn’t a secret, though; it simply requires understanding, strategic planning, and diligent management.

We Know You’ve Heard Stories—We Have Too!

While at the American Academy of Dental Sleep Medicine conference in Philadelphia, I spoke with a dentist who assured me that they had a Google Ads rep who was helping them improve their ads but that the ads had been paused for a long time due to a billing snafu and no one told the office. 

This is not a common story, but it’s indicative of the dishonest and disorganized management that dentists have to endure when it comes to Google Ads. Third-party companies will often essentially impersonate Google, trying to get you to spend more money by trying out all sorts of new functionality that Google offers in their ads platform. Unfortunately, there’s no real management that follows. They just record their sale, enable the new function, and let your campaign run on autopilot. 

Many dentists experience similar issues with their Google Ads campaigns. Marketing companies, portraying themselves as Google Ads experts more than dental experts, often lure practices into trying out the latest features on the Google Ads platform. The problem? They make the sale, enable these features, and leave the campaign to run with no subsequent management or guidance. I don’t know if they just expect dentists to pay the bill without checking in on things or what? We even had a company promise a client a specific number (and not a low number) of TMJ marketing leads per month or their money back—he said he would even reimburse them for the ad clicks and not just the management fee. They never got a single lead, much less the promised number, and the guy ghosted our client.

The Truth About Google Ads

The truth about Google Ads is that they are not a budget alternative to SEO. They’re not easier than SEO, either. Instead, they’re a strategic tool that demands careful planning, an appropriate budget, and ongoing management to truly shine. It’s crucial that dentists and dental marketing stop believing the “set it and forget it” myth surrounding Google Ads. This platform requires consistent monitoring and improvement to deliver meaningful results.

If you’ve given Google Ads a shot in the past without seeing success, don’t write it off entirely. It’s highly possible that your campaigns weren’t set up correctly, to begin with. The good news? This is a fixable problem.

At Pro Impressions Marketing, we believe that Google Ads can be a vital part of a larger marketing strategy, attracting ideal patient leads for your practice. Our approach is not to oversell Google Ads as a magic bullet but to help you understand how to use it as an effective tool that complements your broader marketing efforts.