This Sunday (11.14) is World Diabetes Day! This is a great opportunity to educate followers and share how you can help those with diabetes.

Post Ideas

  • Explain how diabetes can affect oral health
  • Share what diabetics can do to better care for their oral health
  • Discuss signs that you should visit your dentist
  • Post about the various dental problems that can be a symptom of diabetes
  • Share how cosmetic dentistry can help with oral health problems caused by diabetes


Kudos to SoBe Dentist and Kuhn Dental for staying social last week!

SoBe Dentist stayed social by letting patients know that their doctors are always learning. Sharing your continued education efforts with followers lets them know that their current or potential dentist is committed to modern techniques and treatments that will result in greater care. Posts like this are a fantastic opportunity to let followers know what you’re learning about and how it will directly impact patient care.

Kuhn Dental stayed social by sharing photos from a baby shower held for one of their employees! Team events are an awesome way to get group photos to share with your followers and show how tight-knit your team is. A team that plays and celebrates together works well together. Sharing who your team is gives insight into the faces behind your brand, which is a great way to set your office apart from the competition.

Social Tip

Don’t add links to your Instagram captions! Links aren’t clickable on Instagram posts. That’s why you send followers to the link in your bio to complete whatever action you’ve asked them to take (e.g. book an appointment, learn more, fill out a form, etc.).



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