Don’t Hire Your Kids for Your Dental Social Media ManagementYour prospective patients need to find you, and your team needs your schedule jumping! Social media marketing helps increase your visibility if it’s managed well, but hopefully, you’re too busy and too smart to do it yourself.

If you’re considering some social media marketing nepotism to solve that problem, here are some things to keep in mind before putting your kid to work on your Instagram account, even if they are brilliant, hard-working, motivated adults.

  • You might be overestimating your child’s social media talents.
  • You might be overestimating your child’s understanding of your business. What a dentist does in the mouth is different from the business of dentistry. Do they know both?
  • They might have better things to do than market your dental office on Facebook and Instagram.
  • If they get busy, they might drop the ball.
  • They might be great in their industry but not so much in dental social media.
  • If they make mistakes, your team may not be willing to call them on it.
  • They might make better models than managers. If they’re cute, have them pose for pics around the office. You’ll get more likes and comments if the doc is in the photo too.
  • Who will report on the results of their work, and who will determine if the work is successful?
  • You might have to fire your kid.
  • They don’t have to take over ALL of your social. You can hire them to create extra posts. Every little bit helps.

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