Welcome Back!

We hope you had a relaxing three-day weekend! Monday was Labor Day (9.6), Saturday is 9/11 Remembrance Day, and Sunday is Grandparents Day (9.12) so we’re sure your team can find a way to #StaySocial this week.

grandparents with their grandkids

Post Ideas

  • Show how employees spent the long weekend
  • Share a 9/11 post in remembrance of those lost
  • Post photos of your team and/or their children with their grandparents
  • Share a story or piece of advice from a grandparent
Matthew Wolfe DDS and team wishing their patients a happy Labor Day


Kudos to Signature Dentistry of Rochester for staying social last week. We love seeing your dental teams pop up on our feed!

The Signature Dentistry team stayed social with a quick video clip to let patients know that their office will be closed through the 13th. It can be frustrating to call a business and get no response for days on end because they’re OOO, so giving patients a heads up that your team is taking a well-deserved break lets callers know that they should wait to contact you.

Bonus points for making a short, scroll-stopping video to get viewers’ attention!

Kudos to Contemporary Dentistry for staying social last week.

Contemporary Dentistry stayed social with a sweet birthday post for one of their hygienists! Birthday posts are a great opportunity to show your team’s personality and let your employees know that you care about them.

Contemporary Dentist in Rochester, NY staying social by wishing their hygienist Happy Birthday

Social Tip

Instagram has verified that putting hashtags in your captions (rather than your comments) makes it easier for your page to make it to the discover page and come up in search. Consider adding Instagram hashtags to your caption to make sure you’re reaching anyone who could be looking for you!


Check out this Massachusetts dentist who challenges patients to beat him at a game of Smash Bros! What happens if the patient wins? They get a free cleaning! If they lose? They have to post about it on their social media! This is a great way to raise brand awareness and connect with your community.