young adult woman sitting at their computer and thinkingThink about your daily morning routine. More than likely, it involves brushing your teeth (naturally, it’s your profession), grabbing a cup of coffee (maybe a shot of espresso, you’re only human), and checking your inbox. Email is a treasured way of communicating business to consumers. Even so, consider the last time an email caught your attention. 

Are you still contemplating? Let’s help you out a bit. Something caught your attention before you even decided to click. You guessed it – the subject line was the deciding factor. It can also be the icing on your dental marketing strategies cake. You have to make sure you are using the right recipe.

Your Target Audience Is Only An Email Away 

Email is a great way to reach potential patients – and grabbing their attention is half the battle of getting them through the door of your practice. Creating an email newsletter is a great way to get on the fast track to speaking to your target audience. 

Creating brand awareness, cost-effectiveness, and maintaining a relationship with your patients are just three of a laundry list of reasons sending out email newsletters is a good idea (you can learn more about the benefits of email as a dental marketing strategy by reading our guide here.)

Time To Take Those Subject Lines Seriously

So you’ve decided to jump on board with a regular email newsletter for your practice. Good thinking – but not so fast. How are those subject lines lookin’? If you want to reach your target audience – and cause potential patients to flood through your doors – you need to get their attention first.

Here are some tips for creating spectacular email subject lines:

Time Is Of The Essence

Offering some sort of discounted service or limited-time discount? Ensure the time constraint is evident within the subject line so your patients hear (or see) the message loud and clear.

Get To The Point

This leads us to our next point: be concise. You can say a lot with very little wording. Potential patients don’t have time to decipher what your email is about, which will cause them to neglect to click on it entirely. Try to relay the topic of the newsletter. Be direct. Say what you want to say, and they will listen.

Call Them To Action

Last but certainly not least, you want to encourage your potential patients (or current ones) to engage with your newsletter and, more importantly, you. Consider a thought-provoking question, like, “Sick Of That Gap In Your Teeth? The Solution Is Closer Than You Think.”

 It also helps to be clever. Clever comes in clutch, more often than not – especially when compiling dental marketing strategies.

We Know How To Make A ‘Pro’ Impression

The world of dental marketing can sometimes seem like a maze that you and your team need help navigating. When you work with us at Pro Impressions Marketing, we create the most detailed map to success for dental marketing strategies. Let us lead the way for your practice.

The Pro Impression Marketing Pro Membership can improve your practice’s marketing trajectory. We aren’t afraid to explore uncharted territory. Actually, it’s in our nature. Call (970) 672-1212 or make an appointment online.