Managing Google Ads campaigns for practices across the United States has allowed opportunities to test a variety of pay-per-click strategies and to uncover tactics that help us to convert more traffic into phone calls and emails. By pruning keywords and ad that would otherwise water down results and bring in garbage inquiries masquerading as leads, we can eliminate wasteful spending. We can then divert those savings toward strategies that are more solid investments. One of these top strategies is targeting mobile users.

man checking news on phone at home

We’ve found that mobile users have a much higher likelihood to convert into a phone call than other search traffic. These prospective patients have phones in their hands after all, and are looking for instant answers to their present need. We’re able to tune our campaigns so that we bid more aggressively on these clicks than on desktop clicks with lower conversion rates.

Because we build websites that are mobile-friendly, Google sees that we provide ideal landing pages for Google users looking for information, and our ads’ quality scores (the grade that Google gives to our ads for specific keyword phrases) is higher than most competitors. This gives us a discount on clicks and helps our ads appear higher on the page.

The final, most important step in a pay-per-click advertising campaign is to capture the phone call or email lead from the click that we paid for. Here again, our responsive website designs are critical. We build our websites with mobile-friendly calls to action that make it easy for prospective patients to take the next step. We’re also able to track these conversions. This gives us valuable information that we can leverage to further refine the campaign.

Imagine the money that you may have saved on Google Adwords if you had been leveraging this strategy since then?! If you’d like to receive this type of information about dental marketing as it becomes available, you can. This is just one benefit that Pro Impressions Marketing enjoy as part of their exclusive membership. If you’re a dentist or represent a dental practice, please contact us today to learn more.