Since its revolutionary inception in 1998, Google’s search engine has completely transformed how we acquire information. Information from over two and a half decades of the world is at your fingertips. (I personally remember when we had to write entire book reports by flipping through an entire set of hardcover encyclopedias. It truly was the stuff of nightmares.)

Google Search’s prowess goes without saying, but the company always aims to improve its game. Incoming: Google SGE – the abbreviation for “search generative experience.” In a nutshell? Although not yet available to the public, this will be a game-changer for everyone searching the Internet. SGE provides an entirely new experience when it comes to searching the web – which also affects online marketing for dentists in a big way.

digital illustration of a man standing in a search bar holding magnify glasses

What’s The Big Deal About SGE?

Search generative experience is literally in the name: it’s a game-changing experience. SGE adds generative AI capabilities to Google’s classic search setup. The goal? To help you better understand whatever topic you are searching for and possibly see it from a different perspective, allowing you to learn about a topic and get stuff done quicker and more efficiently. 

A tall order to fill, eh? It’s all about Google doing most of the heavy lifting and making your search experience easier. Here’s a brief breakdown of how it works:

For a typical Google search, you may have to ask one main question and then numerous side questions to follow to obtain all of the information you need. For example, if you Google “Which area is a more affordable place to live, San Francisco or Miami?” you may have to take the time to do a search for both areas and then several searches about the numerous economic variables for each location. This could be time-consuming – and, let’s face it – rather overwhelming.

Google’s search generative experience will break down all of this for you in an initial, brief synopsis and even provides examples of follow-up questions below and possible next steps you may want to take on your search for information. Google AI takes information from many sources and puts it in one single snapshot for you. This alleviates the need for endless searches, and chances are, you may find what you need all in one place. 

Local Search May Benefit Immensely 

Now how does this affect online marketing for dentists? One phrase – local search. SGE will make it easier for consumers to compare businesses, meaning those looking for a new dentist office will have access to more information in a quicker fashion. As stated by Google, “SGE will provide context about local places, using AI-powered insights that make it easy to compare and explore options.” 

Internet-goers can compare and contrast multiple local dentists at once – with more information available in one place – making online marketing for dentists more important than ever when SGE is rolled out to the public. Google SGE will allow consumers to get a more specific comparison between businesses and even use content from Google reviews to make the comparison. Meaning reputation management will play an even bigger role in online marketing for dentists very soon (don’t worry, we are pros at this too.)

The takeaway? Google SGE may make it even easier for your dentist’s office to receive the online attention it needs and deserves. Your best bet is to keep up with your SEO rankings, online reviews, and overall online presence to increase your chances of being positively affected by Google SGE.

Pro Impressions To The Rescue!

The work of online marketing for dentists is literally never finished. But here at Pro Impressions Marketing – we aren’t intimidated by that fact. We embrace it. We love a challenge. Whether it be stellar web design (check) or managing your online local listings and reputation (once again, check.) What can we say? We are somewhat of dental online marketing superheroes, minus the capes. Maybe we should look into some capes.

The Pro Impression Marketing Pro Membership can ensure your online presence is set up for success, especially when the time comes for the breakthrough performance of Google SGE. Call (970) 672-1212 or make an appointment online.