You might see dentists in your area posting blogs left and right and wonder how much they can really say about dental implants. You’re not wrong. There are only so many blogs you can write about a certain topic before they all start sounding the same. Although in the past a high blogging frequency was preferable, it’s not the case today. Before you ask your dental marketing company to increase your blogging frequency, learn how often dentists actually need to blog to achieve their desired results.

Why Should Dentists Blog?

Before we jump into how often to blog it’s important to understand why you should blog. There are several reasons why blogging is important, not just for marketing purposes but for your brand. 

Here are some of the top reasons to blog:

Share Office News with Patients 

If you recently purchased new dental technology, completed continuing education, hired a new team member, changed office locations, or volunteered with an underprivileged community, your blog is the perfect place to share this news. When COVID-19 entered the US, dentists used their blogs to announce the safety protocols in place to help patients feel safe to visit the dentist. Blogs help website visitors stay up to date on the latest office news in the easiest way possible.

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Educate Patients About Dentistry 

It’s unlikely your patients know about all the procedures you offer or what they consist of. By adding blogs to your website, you’re providing your patients with additional resources for educating themselves about dentistry.

Increase Website Traffic 

If someone types in a question on Google and you just so happened to write a blog that answers that question, you will attract new visitors to your website. With an increase in website traffic comes new patients to your dental practice. 

Start a Conversation 

A blog should tell a story. When someone reads it, they might want to have a conversation about the topic on your social media or even talk about the subject with a friend or family member. The right topic will spark a conversation that can lead to a new patient relationship.

Improve Credibility 

Patients need to trust their dentist, especially if they’re going to spend thousands of dollars on dental work. Adding blog content with the latest dentistry news and information shows existing and potential patients that you stay ahead of the curve which makes you look more credible. 

Attract New Patients 

When you add a blog to your website and then use social media to promote it, lots of potential patients will see the blog post. If they like what they read, they might become a new patient!

Improve SEO

Last but not least, writing blogs helps improve your SEO, especially for internal procedure landing pages. If you want to be found for “dental implants” in your area, blogging can help increase your search rankings. 

Blogs: Quality vs Quantity

Before you run to your marketing company to demand more and more blog posts, it’s important to understand the power of quality vs quantity. A few months ago, we wrote a blog about thin content and how it hurts your website. To summarize – thin content is content that lacks depth. If you write about the same topic over and over again, not only will your readers get bored, but it won’t deliver the results you’re searching for.

At Pro Impressions Marketing, we’ve tried every blog strategy that’s ever existed – from posting a blog once per week, twice per month, and even once per month. What we’ve discovered is that writing one high-quality blog per month delivers better results than posting two lower quality blogs.

A high-quality blog contains unique information, sources from around the web, and tells readers brand new information they won’t find anywhere else on your website. We guide your patients to success in an engaging way. The content positions patients as the hero of their own story. Using this strategy in our blog writing helps persuade readers to schedule an appointment with you or browse through other pages on your website instead of closing out immediately. 

Low-quality blogs on the other hand contain thin content and usually serve only the sole purpose of trying to improve SEO. Readers aren’t staying on the page long and definitely not digesting the information enough to start a conversation or make an appointment. 

When it comes to your blogging frequency, we will always believe that quality is better than quantity. 

The Right Blogging Frequency For Your Dental Practice

So how many blogs should your dental practice post per month? There’s no magic number. If your practice is in a highly competitive area you might benefit from two blogs per month while those who already have good search rankings can achieve success with only one blog per month.

The key to determining your blogging frequency is figuring out if you have enough blog topics to use. If you have dozens of things to say about dental implants, consider adding that information to your existing dental implants page instead of writing short blogs. 

A lot of dental practices like to have a high blog frequency to use for social media content. We have a secret for you, it’s 100% okay to repost older blogs to your social media. There’s nothing wrong with promoting old blogs. If anything we encourage it. You should also update old blogs with new information so they stay relevant. The more viewers you have on a single page, the more Google recognizes it as an important page and rank it accordingly. 

Are you tired of seeing the same old bland blog topics on your dental website? Increase the time readers spend on your blogs, improve SEO, and attract new patients when you switch to high-quality blogs for your website. 

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