Getting more new dental patients online is almost always doable. If your online marketing isn’t yielding new patient phone calls and emails in the quantity or quality that you want, and you’re wondering if more online visibility is possible, here’s a breakdown of the key ingredients that make Pro Impressions Marketing so successful at helping dentists and keeping them as clients year after year.

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Overall What Approach Does Pro Impressions Use?

We help dental offices find new patients on the internet, and in doing so we help patients get answers to their dental questions and find the best dentists in their area. This is Google’s approach, so we use it too. We also know that, because new patients are important for dental offices to grow, bad marketing that doesn’t work is doubly expensive: you lose money on the marketing, but you miss out on new patient revenue. At Pro Impressions, we believe that every dentist should have access to the tools and expertise they need to increase visibility online, reach new patients, track results, and stop wasting time and money.

We achieve that goal with a team of expert marketers who only work with dentists, and we’ve been marketing dental offices and dental organizations exclusively for over a decade. We help offices that are struggling with online visibility reach prospective patients in their area using a variety of digital marketing strategies.

Yes, we build dental websites, but we help people find them too, and we go beyond the website to find patients using other tools such as Google Maps, Apple Maps, Facebook, Instagram, and more. If patients can’t find you online, we can help.

What Is It Like Working With Pro Impressions? How Do You Get Started?

It starts with a dentist who has a problem. They usually have a website, but their marketing is broken in some way, so they start looking for someone who can help them. This leads to a referral or some internet searches that lead them to us. Our process does not include a ‘one size fits all’ approach to serving our clients, so working with Pro Impressions begins with a consultation to make sure that we understand your problems and to make sure that you understand the full extent of your problem as well as any underlying issues such as a website that looks great but is built in such a way that it impedes your marketing efforts.

A sales consultation with us will help give you some ideas for how to move forward, even if you’re not a good fit for us and our services. Schedule your appointment for a consultation here.

A Good Dental Marketing Manager is Hard to Find

A good dental marketing manager acts as your advocate while tracking the performance of your campaign and interfacing with the various specialists involved. Your relationship with your account manager at Pro Impressions begins with a launch call where your advocate inside the company learns about the goals, problems, and features of your office so that they can best leverage and direct the services you’ve signed up for. They maximize your investment in marketing through effective communication about the details of the projects between you and our team of dental marketers.

On-Point Project Management

Our project manager helps keep things moving through the company and keeps us aware of our current capabilities and limitations. Without a project manager, priorities get confused, people get overworked, and we fail to meet our clients’ expectations. Because client retention is our number one priority, we can’t let that happen. Our project management team understands this and acts as our first line of defense against mediocrity and dropped balls. We’re not perfect, but we are excellent, and that is due in no small part to our amazing project manager.

Our Dental Website Designers Make You Look Great!

female typing on laptop computer at homeMany dentists have websites that are either too artsy or too old and ugly. Our design team makes us the best dental website company out there by making our dentists shine as the best dentists in their area. Our dental website designers take the priorities of the client and plan for what our websites will look like when they launch. They factor in usability and the goals of our clients’ marketing to design websites that will entice potential patients into contacting our dentists’ offices.

We build our dental websites to last, and whether you choose a semi-custom design or a fully custom design, you own your website when you build a website with Pro Impressions.

Dental Website Content That Informs and Sells

Effective dental marketing requires information that is accurate and actually enjoyable to read. Many dental marketing agencies get that wrong. As part of our dedication to excellent dental marketing, our content team uses their creativity to write original text for new websites, added website pages, blog posts, as well as social media posts. We believe that your prospective patients should be able to learn about their dental problems, the solutions available to them at your office, and about your dentists who are ready to help them solve those problems. Our content team uses the basic elements of story to help the patients see that our dentists understand their problems and can be trusted as the experts who can help the patient live better lives through dental care.

And don’t forget about social media! Our Content Development team keeps our clients’ social media profiles active and shares their ideas with the world via our #staysocial social media campaign and our social media content calendar that can help you keep your social media profiles active and professional-looking for an incredibly modest investment.

Next Level Dental Website Programming and Servers

Without programming, our design and content pieces are not websites. They are articles and graphics; skin and muscle with no bones to support them. Websites need programming to exist, and not all websites are equally effective.

Our programming department offers website development that keeps our dental websites fast and secure so that they load quickly and look great no matter what kind of device a prospective patient is using. Our programming department also manages our servers where our websites “live”, adding to that speed and security. They keep the computers that run our websites working in tip-top shape with state-of-the-art technology and software.

If your website is in dire need of an upgrade, contact us here.

Searching for a Great Dental Search Team? We’re Your Dental SEO and PPC Company!

Our search marketing team offers a variety of services that help patients who are looking for a solution to a dental problem by connecting them with one of our dentists. This is a harder problem than it might sound. Only Google controls Google, and Google is the leading search engine used by people who are looking for answers on the internet. Our search marketing team uses multiple tools and techniques to optimize our client’s websites and online profiles so that they are more likely to be listed prominently in Google’s search results.

When a website is first launched, if a dentist is paying us for search engine optimization (SEO), our search marketing team will identify the keywords that our dentists need to target, and will help Google understand which pages are the most relevant on our client’s website for those keywords. Our search specialists do everything they can to make the pages easy to access and enticing for Google to use as answers to a Google user’s questions. They also work on our clients’ profiles on Google, Facebook, and dozens of other websites so that all of their information is up to date and complete. This helps them be more likely to show up in local or maps results.

If a dentist wants to launch an online advertising campaign, they usually are a good fit for our pay-per-click (PPC) service. PPC usually centers around ads publish in Google’s advertising platform called Google Ads. The search team identifies a list of keywords that a client should target given the type of patients that they want to find and then creates ads for those keywords and works in Google Ads to establish a budget for these ads. From that budget, our dentists pay a small fee every time someone clicks on the ad, hence the pay-per-click advertising name.

We succeed where other companies fail because we listen to our clients and know dentistry better than any of our competitors. We know dentistry well enough to know that dentists can vary widely in what they want to achieve in patient leads. We specialize in minimizing unwanted impressions and clicks that come from people searching for something other than what you want to promote.

Our search marketing team’s overall goal is to find people who are in need of our dentists’ services and to connect them to one of our dentists’ websites. All in the hope of generating phone calls and emails that will turn into new patients at our member dentists’ offices.

Get More New Patients Online!

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