Your office is taking beautiful before and after photos of your fantastic work, right? We want to get those on the website, but finding the best solution for this has been problematic. At Pro Impressions Marketing, we finally put our giant brains to work on this issue and came up with a solution:

You’ll see that the form has fields for every piece of information that we need in order to be successful with a patient’s photos, including a before and an after of each view. If you don’t have a corresponding photo for a particular photo view (ex. full face or close-up), we really can’t do much with it.

You’ll see that there’s a place to upload testimonial videos corresponding with the patient. Please do continue to make an effort to record testimonial videos as these can really bring a case to life online and make a big impact for people who have the same problem.

Please bookmark the above link for future use and complete it for each patient you would like to put on the website’s Smile Gallery. Thank you for your help in making your website the best in your market!