The most wonderful time of the year is finally here and we’re keeping your social media warm with lots of festive fun post ideas. It’s going to be a busy month so make sure to schedule your posts ahead of time using Online Practice Center so you don’t miss out!

Week 1: Start a Toy Drive for the Holiday Season, Christmas Card Day (12/9), Ice Cream Day (12/13)

During the first week of December, you can start a holiday toy drive and then take a picture of all the donated toys. This is a great way to remind your followers how much you enjoy giving during the holiday season.

Next, for Christmas Card Day, you can either post a photo of your office holiday card or holiday cards your team members sent their loved ones.

Lastly, for Ice Cream Day, you can post about why ice cream causes tooth sensitivity, how to prevent tooth sensitivity, and how your dentist can help sensitive teeth.

Week 2: Holiday Decor, National Ugly Sweater Day (12/20)

On the second week of December, you can post pictures of holiday decor around the office or holiday decor at your team member’s homes. For Ugly Sweater Day, encourage your team to wear their ugliest sweaters to work and then take a photo! You can also have a contest and ask your social media followers to vote.

Week 3: 1st Day of Winter (12/21), Christmas (12/25)

For the first day of winter, post photos of your team enjoying the winter weather! If you live in a snowy area, post photos of playing in the snow and other winter activities. If you don’t live in a snowy area, post photos of how you enjoy the winter in your area.

On Christmas, share photos of your office celebration, office decor, or your team enjoying the holiday.

Week 4: New Year’s Eve/Day (12/31, 1/1)

On the last week of December, share your office’s goals for 2021 or what you’re looking forward to most. You can also share individual team member’s New Year’s Resolutions.

Get More Post Ideas for 2021

If you want more social media post ideas for the new year, stay tuned. We’re creating a complete content calendar for you to follow to take your social media to the next level. It also includes several free Canva templates! Make sure to pair your content calendar with an Online Practice Center membership so you have access to a social media scheduler to plan your posts ahead of time.