With the blink of an eye, the last month of summer has already arrived. Although this summer was much different than any of the other summers we’ve experienced in our lives, it doesn’t mean you should treat your social media any differently. Your followers still want to know about the latest dental hygiene tips and get to know your team outside the dental office.

To help you come up with some social media content ideas for August, here are 5 different post ideas you can use each week!

August 2020-stay social post ideas

Week 1: National Fresh Breath Day (8/6)

For the first week of August, celebrate National Fresh Breath Day. Remind your followers how to keep their breath fresh by posting different tips, sharing a video on how to brush your teeth correctly, recommending the best toothpaste and mouthwashes for fresh breath, and anything else you can think of. It’s also helpful to remind your followers if their bad breath won’t go away, it’s time to pay you a visit. 

Week 2: National Smile Week

For the second week of August, it’s National Smile Week! Celebrate this joyous week by sharing some of your employee’s smiles, before and after photos, or procedure recommendations that can enhance your smile.

Week 3: Share Your Favorite Summer Activities

Summer isn’t over yet. Share some photos of your employees enjoying their summers and encourage your followers to do the same in the comments. 

Week 4: National Red Wine Day (8/28)

As delicious as a glass of your favorite pinot noir is, it doesn’t have a positive impact on your teeth. For National Red Wine Day, share tips with your followers on how to avoid tooth stains and get rid of them with tooth whitening. You can also post about the different health benefits of drinking red wine.

Week 5: September is Self-Improvement Month

The last week of August is also the first week of September. Get a jump start on September by posting about Self-Improvement Month. Share with your followers how team members at your dental office practice self-improvement. Do you listen to podcasts? Have book recommendations? Is there a particular speech or person that inspires you? Share them away!

Consistency is Key

The key to a strong social media strategy is consistency. The more you post, the more you will pop up in your follower’s feeds. Stay consistent by scheduling your posts out in Online Practice Center. When you schedule posts ahead of time, you’re more likely to stay consistent. If you’re not already a member of our Online Practice Center, schedule a consultation by calling (970) 672-1212 to learn how to sign up!