It’s the month of love and what better way to celebrate than to show your own social media accounts some love? You can do exactly that by using our ideas to generate lots of new posts for the month of February.

Pro Impressions February Stay Social 2021


Week 1: American Heart Month/National Children’s Dental Health Month/National Weddings Month, Bubble Gum Day (2/5), Superbowl Sunday (2/7)

Kick-off the first week of the month by celebrating National Heart Month. Educate your followers about the connection between oral health and heart health.

Then, celebrate Children’s Dental Health month by posting a reminder to schedule regular dental appointments for children. You can also post tips for good oral health practices for children.

February is also National Weddings Month which is a great excuse to promote getting cosmetic dentistry before the big day.

If you treat TMJ in your office, for Bubble Gum Day, post about how chewing too much gum can lead to TMJ symptoms. 

Lastly, celebrate Superbowl Sunday by posting who your office is rooting for!

Week 2: Toothache Day (2/9), Valentine’s Day (2/14)

For National Toothache Day, share the best ways to brush and floss your teeth, signs you need to visit the dentist for a toothache, and recommend the toothpaste, mouthwash, toothbrush, and floss for keeping your teeth clean and healthy at home.

Celebrate Valentine’s Day by wishing your followers a Happy Valentine’s Day and any festive decor you have in the office or outfits your staff is wearing on the day of love. Lastly, you can promote why couples should get TMJ treatment, cosmetic dentistry, or sleep apnea treatment together.

Week 3: President’s Day (2/15), National Drink Wine Day (2/18), Love Your Pet Day (2/20)

On President’s Day, share a meaningful quote from a president. On National Wine Day, show an example of how wine stains your teeth and which cosmetic dentistry options you offer to remedy it. You can also share tips for drinking wine without harming your teeth or which treatment alternatives are best for your teeth.

On Love Your Pet Day, share photos of your team members and their pets!

Week 4: Public Sleeping Day & National Tooth Fairy Day (2/28)

On the last week of February, celebrate Public Sleeping Day by sharing the harmful effects of not getting enough sleep, why naps can be harmful or helpful, and why sleep apnea treatment is important. You can also post symptoms of sleep apnea that can prompt patients to get a diagnosis and treatment.

On National Tooth Fairy Day, wish your followers a Happy National Tooth Fairy Day and remind parents to bring their young children in for appointments and educate them why oral health is important for children, even in baby teeth.

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