We’re ringing in the new year with tons of social media post ideas. Jumpstart your year with an active social media presence to keep your followers engaged. Here are some great social media post ideas for dentists every week of the month to help you get started.

January 2021 ways for your dental office to stay social

Week 1: Ideas to Showcase Your Team

The first week of the month is the week to let your team shine! January is National Hobby Month so why not showcase your team enjoying their favorite hobbies? It’s also National Soup Month which is a great excuse to have a soup potluck at work and share pictures from the event or have your followers vote for their favorite soup. Lastly, January is also Hot Tea Month. You can share your team’s favorite teas or have a tea party in the office and post the pictures.

Week 2: Celebrate January and Dress Up Your Pet Day (1/14)

What are your team’s favorite things about January? Share photos of how your team is enjoying their January like pictures of the weather or cold weather activities. It’s also Dress Up Your Pet Day on 1/14 which is a great opportunity to share photos of your team’s pets in their best costumes.

Week 3: Martin Luther King Jr. Day (1/18) and National Popcorn Day (1/19)

Start the week by celebrating Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. with one of your favorite quotes from him. The next day, celebrate National Popcorn Day by sharing facts about popcorn, explain how it can affect your teeth, and what other snacks are a better alternative to popcorn.

Week 4: Fun at Work Day (1/28)

Closeout the month by having fun at work! Some fun ways to create a social post for Fun at Work Day include having a surprise lunch, playing games in the office, or just sharing photos of how everyone has fun at work. You can even post some throwback photos of past times having fun at work.

Invest In Your Marketing in 2021

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