With most dental offices opening back up and summer in full swing, we’re sure you have plenty more to post on your social media these days. Just a reminder, posting consistently on social media is an easy way to let your patients know you exist. Even if they only visit you once or twice per year, when they see you pop up on their social media feeds every once in a while, they will remember to schedule their next appointment or refer someone they know to you.

Here are some of our favorite post ideas for every week of July.

July 2020 stay social post ideas


Week 1: International Kissing Day 7/6 and National Video Game Day 7/8

To celebrate National Kissing Day on July 6th, create a post that provides your patients with tips for better breath and better oral hygiene. Fresh breath will make National Kissing Day a lot more enjoyable to celebrate.

If you treat TMJ in your dental office, for National Video Game Day you can talk about the difference between headaches from playing too many video games and headaches from TMJ. Provide your patients with info to get them tested for TMJ and what treatment looks like.

Week 2: National Lottery Day 7/17

We all dream of winning the lottery, why not share your dreams on social media? For National Lottery Day, share what some of your team members would do if they won the lottery. Ask your followers to share their dreams in the comments of your social post.

Week 3: National Junk Food Day 7/21

Share your favorite junk foods on social media for National Junk Food Day. You can also share different tips and tricks for preventing junk foods from ruining your teeth! You could also post about the worst junk foods for teeth.

Week 4: July is National Ice Cream Month

Have an ice cream party at your office and post pictures of the celebration or share your team member’s favorite ice cream flavors. Nothing says summer like ice cream!

Use Online Practice Center to Schedule Your Posts

As things slowly go back to normal and our schedules become busy again, it’s important to #staysocial. One way to help you keep up with consistent social media posts without forgetting a day is by scheduling them ahead of time. Online Practice Center is an easy to use tool that allows you to post to all of your social profiles at one day. You can schedule your posts out as far out as you want. Online Practice Center also has other amazing tools to help you take charge of your marketing.

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