With many dental offices opening back up, your patients need to be reminded that you’re here to help them safely at your dental office. Staying active on social media is a fun way to always stay at the back of your patient’s mind. Kick-off the start of the first month of summer with these weekly post ideas.

June 2020 #staysocial Pro Impressions Marketing

1. National Migraine & Headache Awareness Month & National Candy Month

June is both National Migraine & Headache Awareness Month and National Candy Month. If you treat TMJ at your dental office, make sure you make a post or two about migraines and headaches, how they’re linked to TMJ, and how you can help prevent them with TMJ treatment.

Whether you treat TMJ or not, you can also post about National Candy Month by sharing your favorite candy and give tips to patients on how to enjoy candy while keeping their mouths healthy and clean. You can also talk about the harmful effects of eating too much candy or what candy does to your teeth if you don’t brush them.

2. Video Content

You don’t need to be a professional videographer to create video content for your dental practice. Record short videos to post on your social media like a “Meet (team member)” video where you introduce someone on your team. You can also explain a before and after process, share oral health tips, or anything else you can think of.  If you need help coming up with video ideas, we have you covered with 12 video topic ideas for dentists!

3. Smile Power Day (6/15) & Father’s Day (6/21)

Share the power of your smile on Smile Power Day! Make a collage of all of your staff’s smiling faces or a collage of all the beautiful smiles you’ve created. Or combine all of these to celebrate your smiles together! Make sure to also celebrate the Fathers in your life. You can share anecdotes and photos of fathers on staff, fathers of staff, or fathers in general.

4. How Your Team Is Enjoying the Summer Weather

Is the weather amazing where you’re at? Show your followers how your staff is spending their time off in the beautiful weather.

5. International Joke Day (7/1) & Independence Day (7/4)

Share your favorite dentist joke on International joke day – the cornier the better. Also, don’t forget to celebrate the 4th of July on your social media. You can share photos of your staff celebrating in their own way or a picture from the past.

Schedule your #staysocial Posts Ahead of Time

When you sign up for Online Practice Center, you gain access to a huge suite of amazing marketing tools. One of these tools is a social media scheduler. If you don’t want to manually post all of your social media posts throughout the month, Online Practice Center makes it easy to post to all of your social media profiles in one place. Set aside an hour or two every month to schedule an entire month of posts.

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