With spring in full swing, we’re guessing you have lots of bright and flowery photos you can share on your office’s social media. Stay active on social media with fun spring photos and with these ideas for every week of the month.

Week 1: Beverage Day (5/6) & National Have a Coke Day

On May 6th, it’s Beverage Day and National Have a Coke Day. To celebrate these holidays, you can post about the effects of different beverages on teeth. Share which non-water drinks are the best and worst for your teeth. You can also share care tips for how to care for your teeth when drinking different beverages. Lastly, you can share team member’s favorite beverages.

Week 2: Mother’s Day (5/9), National Receptionist Day (5/12)

Don’t forget to celebrate moms on May 9th! Post photos of the moms who work in their office with their children. You can also share photos from different Mother’s Day celebrations throughout the week. Then on May 12th, celebrate your receptionist(s) with a post dedicated to their hard work!

Week 3: National Taffy Day (5/23)

To celebrate National Taffy Day, post about the different foods you should avoid when you wear braces such as taffy. You can also post about Invisalign and how you can eat any type of food during treatment. Lastly, you can have your team members share their favorite flavor of taffy.

Week 4: National Wine Day (5/25)

Celebrate National Wine Day by promoting teeth whitening deals or teeth whitening services at your office. You can also post tips to reduce wine stains, why it stains, wine alternatives, and the best treatments for wine stains.

Week 5: Memorial Day (5/31) & World No Tobacco Day (5/31), June is National Migraine Awareness Month

Celebrate Memorial Day on your social media by showcasing how your team enjoyed the long weekend. For World No Tobacco Day, post about the dangers of tobacco for your oral health and how quitting can help. Lastly, for National Migraine Awareness Month, share migraine relief tips, how TMJ or sleep apnea can cause headaches and migraines, and how TMJ and/or sleep apnea treatment can help.

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