The holiday season is officially upon us and before we get too excited about carving pumpkins and sipping apple cider, it’s important to remember to #staysocial! With the colder weather keeping people inside more often, we can only assume that they’re spending more time on social media. To help you #staysocial this October, we’ve come up with the following post ideas for each week of the month!

Week 1: Raise Awareness For Community Support

There are a lot of causes with awareness month in October. Feel free to choose one, or all of them and bring awareness by posting about them on your social media.

  • Breast Cancer Awareness Month
  • Domestic Violence Awareness Month
  • National Diabetes Month
  • National Depression Screening Day (10/8)
  • World Mental Health Day (10/10)

Week 2: Bosses Day (10/16)

Don’t skip out on thanking your boss! Celebrate Bosses Day with a post dedicated to your boss, everything you enjoy about them, and why you appreciate them. Don’t forget to make sure your boss sees the post after you create it.

Week 3: National Nut Day (10/22)

Almost everybody loves nuts (except those with nut allergies). Celebrate National Nut Day by posting about what to do if you break a tooth, what your favorite types of nuts are, or how eating nuts is part of a healthy diet. For extra fun, have a nut potluck at work and share photos of it on your social media.

Week 4: Halloween

Celebrate the week of Halloween by sharing photos of your team in costumes, pumpkin carvings, and decorations, or share some tips on eating candy without damaging your teeth!

Don’t Forget to Post

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