As summer comes to a close and crispy fall leaves start making an appearance again, it comes time to spruce up your social media with a little bit of fall festivity. Stay active on social media this September by using our #staysocial post ideas every week!

September 2020 stay social post ideas

Week 1: Labor Day (9/7) 

Although we will be posting your Labor Day posts on Labor Day for you, you can share how you spent the holiday weekend the rest of the week! Ask your team members to contribute some photos and stories to share.

Week 2: About the Dentist  

Create a bio about the dentists at your dental office. You can answer questions like why they got into dentistry, what their favorite thing about being a dentist is, and other topics they want to share. This will help your followers get to know the dentists at your office a little bit better! If you have more than one dentist at your office, showcase a different dentist every day of the week.

Week 3: First Day of Fall (9/22)  

Celebrate the start of a new season! We recommend sharing your favorite things about fall, your team members enjoying fall activities, and why patients should get cosmetic dentistry before the holidays.

Week 4: International Coffee Day (10/1) 

Everybody loves a cup of joe; unfortunately, it can cause severe staining of teeth. Celebrate this holiday by sharing a post about ways patients can keep their teeth white with your help including professional teeth whitening, porcelain veneers, and other cosmetic dentistry procedures. Sleep dentists can share how coffee affects your sleep.

Week 4 BONUS: World Smile Day (10/2) 

Celebrate World Smile Day by posting about what makes members of your team smile or tips on how to keep a healthy smile. You can also post about different cosmetic dentistry options available for patients who don’t love their smiles. 

Stay Active on Social Media

With patients feeling hesitant to come back into the dental office, staying active on social media is more important than ever. When you stay active on social media, it helps your patients see that it’s safe to return to the office and it also reminds them that you’re there if they need any type of dental care. 

If you’re struggling to stay active on social media, we can help! When you sign up for an Online Practice Center Plus Membership or a Custom Premier Membership, you also get access to social media management. This means you get three social media posts delivered to your profiles every single week. To find out if one of these memberships is right for you, schedule a consultation by calling (970) 672-1212 today!