One of the most important elements of your website is your biography. A dentist’s biography is an opportunity for potential patients to get to know you and decide whether or not you’re the right choice for their needs. Your biography should connect with your readers and invite them to want to get to know you in real life.

As a dentist, your expertise likely isn’t writing; it’s dentistry. We understand how hard it might be to write a biography if you don’t know where to start. To help you write your best dentist biography to date, we’ve broken down the different parts your biography should include. Take a look at our recommendations and start writing!

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Part 1: What’s Your Story? What Inspires You?

The first part of your biography should tell your readers about your story with dentistry. It’s even better if your story includes your own personal experiences. For instance, one of our clients wrote her biography that she suffered from TMJ and her own experience inspired her to specialize in that field so she can help her own patients find the same relief as her.

We’ve seen other dentists write about having other family members working in the dentistry field and they inspired them to pursue their careers.

Write about whatever inspired you to dive into dentistry as your profession and what continues to inspire you.

Part 2: Education and Specializations

Next, it’s time to let your readers know all about your education history. Where did you get your bachelor’s degree? Where did you attend college for your doctorate? Did you complete any internships, externships, or extracurricular activities while you were in college? Tell your readers everything they should know about your education history and your dedication to dentistry.

Part 3: Continuing Education and Associations

After completing your doctoral degree, what continuing education have you completed since then? Provide your readers with a complete list of fellowships, completed courses, and any associations you’re a part of. This will further enhance your credibility and show readers how much knowledge you have in certain areas of dentistry.

Part 4: Giving Back

The next part of your dentist biography should include information about any volunteering you and/or your dental practice does. Do you provide dental care to the less fortunate? In your spare time, do you place dental implants in third-world countries? Do you volunteer at your local food bank? Including your volunteer opportunities will help readers know how much you care about giving back and helping your community.

Part 5: Your Hobbies, Your Family, Your Life Outside of Dentistry

The last section of your dentist biography should be all about your life outside the dental office. Tell your readers about what you do in your spare time, your family, and your hobbies. This is an opportunity to connect with your readers on a more personal level. Who knows? You might get a patient who has a lot in common with you that ends up being a delight to talk with.

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