Jonathan Fashbaugh with a 2023 SEO Tip

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Welcome to the Marketing Chairside Podcast by Pro Impressions Marketing, where the team covers a variety of dental marketing ideas to help you attract more new patients in the quantity, and quality you need to grow your practice.

Jonathan Fashbaugh:

Hey guys, just a quick update for you, in case you’re not subscribed to Google’s Webmaster Central Blog, probably not. You may have missed this announcement that they made last week, that they’ve updated their E-A-T guidelines, to include an extra E. Now it’s, instead of E-A-T, it might be Double-E-A-T. And that extra E is experience. Meaning that Google wants you to prove that you’re an experienced dentist. That’s something that SEOs can’t really like add experience to your time as a dentist. But, here are some tips for how you can improve your experience availability in Google’s eyes. One, if you don’t have a smile gallery on your website, I would highly recommend adding that and updating it on a regular basis, if you do any sort of aesthetic dentistry. I would include some case studies if you can, about how you’ve done that, how you’ve achieved results, the before and after look, and the before and after experience, and including a review or a testimonial from that patient as part of that case study will be a tremendous addition to your website.

I would also recommend if your bio page doesn’t include a lot of details about your training when you started to become a dentist. Sometimes it’ll show that you went to a certain school of dentistry, and that’s where you got your degree, but I would include the dates of when that was, any residencies that you did along the way, and then include any ongoing training. As you have C.E., include that in your bio to show that you’ve got this additional wealth of knowledge that you’re accumulating. And then finally, I would recommend making sure that all of your profiles on things like LinkedIn and Healthgrades, and those types of things include details about your experience as well, so that Google can see that information that’s on your website corroborated in other sources. And that will help you prove to Google that you have a lot of experience as well as expertise, authoritativeness and trustworthiness. Hopefully this Dental SEO tidbit helps you. Like, subscribe, follow all that good stuff, and we’ll get you more information as it comes available.