For a long time, we only offered one membership package for our dental marketing services. It included almost every service a dentist could ever want: the website, updates, marketing, and even social media. The problem was that the needs of dentists changed. There was a greater demand for lower-cost services that still checked the marketing box but weren’t as aggressive.

In response, we introduced three new packages that allowed more flexibility and would enable us to service a wider variety of dental offices. We did this before COVID-19 hit, and it may have helped the company survive the pandemic, but we don’t see this approach as the best path forward for Pro Impressions Marketing. Consequently, we are introducing the most comprehensive marketing package we have ever offered: the Pro Membership.

Why the Change?

We have prioritized client retention above acquisition since the company’s inception over a decade ago. Dentists don’t want to jump from one marketing company to another, and we don’t want to lose a client—ever!

We know that we do our best work for the best dentists who are interested in the best marketing services for their practices. They are business-savvy and don’t cut corners in their offices. They attract the best patients and grow businesses that support aggressive, comprehensive marketing.

We want to promote your office and every future Pro Impressions Marketing member with a no-holds-barred approach that will allow us to do everything we need to increase the dentist’s visibility in their market.

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What Does the Pro Membership Include?

Similar to our original membership that some of our current members are still on (we now refer to it as our Legacy Membership), the Pro Membership will include:

In addition to the above items, the Pro Membership includes:

  • Programmatic display ad management
  • Social Media Pro management of social media profiles on Facebook, Instagram, Google My Business, and LinkedIn.

The only items not included in the Pro Membership are:

  • Video production
  • App development
  • e-Commerce
  • Secondary offices (includes marketing of one practice at one location)
  • Exclusivity

Back to Our Roots: Proactive, Comprehensive Dental Marketing

Custom website design and social media management drove this decision. Our clients on the current packages have needed more help in these two areas, and because of the expanded demands of creating more custom content, we have had to introduce more add-ons.

We are passionate about providing the best marketing services in the dental industry. That’s what every dentist wants.

We are not passionate about upselling! No dentist wants that, and we don’t like it either. ;) Things change, though, and we must adapt or risk missing our goal of being the best.

With the new Pro Membership, these members will not have to worry about how much more doing something will cost. The Pro Membership will cover the typical, high-end dental practice.

How Does This Affect You?

If you have any questions about these changes, reach out to your account manager, and they will be happy to schedule a call with you. We look forward to providing the best marketing services in the dental industry and working toward serving 100 clients by 2025.

Dentists should be able to rely on their marketing services to provide new patients for their offices. If you know a dentist who needs help with marketing, please connect them with us. As a thank you, you’ll get one free month of your marketing services at your current marketing package level if they sign up. If you’re not already a member, call us at (970) 672-1212 now to speak with a consultant about Pro Membership.