Are you a dentist struggling to get your website to rank in your local area? Then this post is for you. Here’s a local SEO hack that will help your website rank higher when people perform searches like “dentist near me” or “dentist [insert city].”

SEO Hack: Write some blogs that pertain only to your local area.

Considering Google’s intricate algorithms, you’d think it would know exactly what type of business you are, where you’re located, and why patients need you. But Google can become confused. If you have conflicting information elsewhere on the internet or only write about specific procedures and problems, your website might be viewed like WebMD or another informational blog instead of a local dentist who can perform services for patients.

Local SEO for dentists is important because it works to show Google that you’re a dentist in the area who is available to see new patients. After all, Google would never show WebMD to someone who was looking for a doctor. So it’s important to set yourself apart from that type of site and other dentists competing for the same patients.

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How Local Content Helps You Rank Higher

Local Content is Relevant and Informative

Local content will help your dental office rank higher in search engine results because it provides relevant and informative content to your patients and potential patients. If your website contains information about the local area and topics that are important to your community, search engines will recognize it as a valuable resource and rank it higher in search results.

Local Content Helps to Increase Local Visibility

By creating content that is specific to your community, your office can increase its visibility in local search results. When people search for dental services in their local area, your website is more likely to appear in the search results if it contains relevant and informative local content. Plus, search engines will know that you’re a dentist and not an informational blog.

Local Content Leads to Enhanced User Engagement

Local content can help your practice engage with patients by providing information that is useful and relevant. This can include information about local events, community news, and other topics of interest to your community. When patients find content that is valuable to them, they are more likely to engage with the website, which can lead to higher search engine rankings.

Local Content Improves Brand Reputation

By creating local content, you can demonstrate your commitment to the local community and build your office’s brand reputation. When people see that your office is actively engaged with the local community and providing valuable information, they are likelier to trust and recommend you via a review, leading to more website traffic and higher search engine rankings.

Local Target Keywords Are Easier to Hit with Local Content

Local content can also help your office target specific keywords that are relevant to the area. This can include keywords related to the community, events, and attractions. By targeting these keywords, you can increase your online visibility in local search results, leading to more website traffic and higher search engine rankings.

How Local Content Helps Convert Website Users into Patients

One of the world’s top digital marketing influencers, Mark Schaefer, wrote a book called Marketing Rebellion in 2018 that discusses the importance of emphasizing a sense of community as part of your marketing strategy. Since then, he has only doubled down on his intuition. He says, “Helping a person belong to something represents the ultimate marketing achievement.”

We can take this idea and incorporate it into our local SEO for dentists hack to extend its influence past SEO benefits and into a strategy that converts more new patients through local content.

People want to have a sense of community, they want to belong to something. Dentists and dental teams that understand this can showcase their love for their community through local content, making people more likely to choose their dental office over one that doesn’t try to belong to the same community as they do. Likewise, when patients choose a dental office that tries to be a part of the local community, the patient, in turn, feels more connected. This nurtures the sense of belonging and community that Mark Schaefer feels is the ultimate marketing achievement leading to success and more new patients.

“In a world of infinite choices, the ability to connect with customers in a meaningful way is more important than ever.” – Mark Schaefer.

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