As content curators and digital marketers, we understand SEO’s importance to any business. It’s essentially why you landed here – on this blog. You want to improve your SEO score in some way. So how do you start making a big impact on huge search engines like Google? It’s time to start thinking locally.

Local SEO involves personalizing your SEO presence to increase local traffic and create brand awareness for your dental practice. You can think of it as the icing on the cake. Local SEO is essentially the cherry on top of your digital marketing strategy – it brings more traffic to your website and traffic from your local area and, thus, potential patients.

Local SEO for dentists can seem daunting at first, but you can stay a step ahead with dental marketing services offered by Pro Impressions Marketing. Let us ensure your local SEO is never lacking so new patients will know you are the go-to practice.

Want To Stay Locally Relevant? Let’s Talk Blog Posts

One of the key ways to become a top Google maps dentist is to take advantage of your blog posts by making them work for you. Blog posts are informative, easy to read, and explain what your practice does.

It’s time to spruce up your content writing so you can rank locally for SEO and attract more ideal patients. Making a few tweaks and taking small steps can lead to big, localized results. Try writing some of your upcoming blog posts using the following content ideas to boost your local online presence.

Highlight Your Doctors

Potential patients want to know that your practice offers the best of the best. Writing content that showcases the expertise and experience of your dentists builds a level of trust.

It also lets Google know you’re the real deal – a legitimate local dental practice with a team dedicated to serving your local community.

Patient Testimonials Will Take You Far

As most of us rely on business reviews to choose a product or service, patient testimonials can be a monumental asset to any Google maps dentist.

Interviewing current patients about their positive experience with your practice and sprinkling it throughout a relevant blog post about a certain service or dentist will build your practice’s and website’s credibility.

Stay Involved in the Community With Local Events

Partnering with a local organization or event and writing a blog about it can prove that your practice cares about the community.

It shows your community impact and solidifies where your practice is located, allowing your local SEO score to soar.

Dental Marketing Services Can Help You Conquer Local SEO

When in doubt, there is no better place to turn than the Pro Impression Marketing, Pro Membership. Don’t sleep on the power of local SEO. Call (970) 672-1212 or make an appointment online.