We love to meet with dentists face-to-face to discuss their marketing. It allows us to talk about their campaigns in real-time and to look at things together. When a dentist meets with us, they’re sure to walk away from the conversation with at least a few valuable tidbits of information to help them get more from their marketing.

Meet with us at these upcoming events. You’ll grow your skills as a dentist, and we can chat while you’re there!

September 9-10: Successfully Integrate Neuromuscular Dentistry into Your Practice with Myotronics

If you’re new to neuromuscular dentistry, it can be tough to streamline the necessary techniques to get the great results that neuromuscular dentistry is known to produce. Thankfully, some repeatable systems and workflows can help. Learn from Dr. Michael Miyasaki, a veteran neuromuscular dentist who has taught thousands of dentists how to improve their dental practices. This course will cover all the bases, including how to take the best TENS bite, using the K7 system with confidence, as well as foundational knowledge about physiologic dentistry and much more.

While you’re there, meet with Pro Impressions Marketing president Jonathan Fashbaugh for a custom, no-pressure consultation on improving your dental website and marketing efforts with the team at Pro Impressions.

Get Details and Register Here for the Myotronics Series 2 course September 9-10 in Costa Mesa, CA.

dental marketing experts at a Myotronics event

September 23-24: Master the Diagnosis and Treatment of TMD with Myotronics

dental marketing experts at a myotronics eventMany dentists struggle to get predictable results in treating TMD and don’t know what to do when TMJ symptoms creep up in their patients. Come to Las Vegas and learn from a master of occlusion, Dr. Clayton Chan. The course includes hands-on training on how to run diagnostic and treatment scans, enabling you to make and adjust orthotics for optimal resolution of patient symptoms. Take the guesswork out of TMJ disorder. In the words of Dr. Bernard Jenkelson, “If you can measure, it is a fact. If you cannot measure, it is an opinion.” Dr. Chan will show you how to turn “Doc, it hurts when I do this…” into measurable data showing exactly where and why it hurts.

While you’re there, meet with Nicole Napoleon to get a report on how your marketing is performing and whether or not you’re a good fit for our Pro Membership marketing package.

Get Details and Register Here for the Myotronics Series 6 program, September 23-24, 2022!

Speaking of TMD…

October 13-15: Multidisciplinary Treatment for TMD Patients with ICCMO

You can’t make more information about TMJ and sleep fit into three days like the International College of Craniomandibular Orthopedics has done, and now they’ve done it 32 times! Join ICCMO, Pro Impressions Marketing, other sponsors, and hundreds of dentists for a time of learning, collaboration, and fun in Louisville, Kentucky. If you’re not a member of ICCMO, jump in and get ready to level up your skills as a dentist. This 32nd Annual Bernard Jankelson Memorial Lecture will cover myriad topics that will help you advance your career and the results you get for your TMJ and sleep patients.

While you’re there, hear Dental Marketing Agency lecture on Friday about “Removing Roadblocks to New Patient Growth,” then stop by our booth in the Exhibit Hall to discuss options for getting more new patients into your practice. Pro Impressions Marketing is a proud Platinum Sponsor of ICCMO.

Click here to see the full schedule and register for ICCMO’s 32nd Annual Bernard Jankelson Memorial Lecture.

And if you cannot attend these meetings but still want to advance your marketing…

Join Us Online for 30 Minutes of Free Social Media Marketing Tips

Our free social media marketing course for dentists gives you tools and tactics for boosting your results from social media marketing for your practice. We cover where to post, what to post, and even when and how often to post. As part of the free course, you can download a PDF of tools to help you level up your social media efforts. Complete it at your own pace and in just 30 minutes.