Happy November! This month is starting off with several holidays to keep your dental practice social. Today is National Brush Day (11.1) to help combat all the candy eaten over the weekend, this Sunday is Daylight Savings (11.7), and November is both TMJ Awareness Month and National Sleep Comfort Month.

Post Ideas

  • Show the best technique for brushing your teeth
  • Explain the importance of caring for your teeth after eating candy
  • Share how more sleep doesn’t mean better sleep quality
  • Raise awareness for TMD (symptoms, diagnosis, treatment options)
  • Discuss what a TMD consultation at your office looks like
  • Record a video with a visual aid to explain what happens with TMJ disorders
  • Explain how your office treats sleep apnea and how treatment can increase sleep comfort
  • Discuss the importance of sleep on overall health


Kudos to Massa Dental Center and the Advanced Dental Sleep Treatment Center for staying social this last week!

Massa Dental Center stayed social by sharing some great photos of their team at the Breathing Wellness Conference! Sharing how your team continues to educate themselves on the newest techniques and information is a wonderful way to showcase your office as a figure of trust in your field. This post also does well to tag others from the conference and briefly explain a few of the topics they learned about.

The Advanced Dental Sleep Treatment Center stayed social by sharing the results of their pumpkins decorating contest! We love that their patients were able to vote for their favorite in person and the results were announced online. Having your team get involved with social like this shows who current and potential patients will be working with, while also displaying your team’s personality. Your team makes up a huge part of who your practice is, so you should be excited to share who they are with followers!

Social Tip

Quality over quantity! You don’t need to post multiple photos that all look about the same on social. Focus instead on taking a couple of different, quality photos to share with followers.



You can now add a link button to your Instagram stories (or will be able to very soon)! In the past, if you looked through others’ Instagram stories you’d notice that some people have a “Swipe Up” call-to-action that would take you directly to a website from their story. NOW the swipe-up feature has been replaced with link buttons that take you to a website.

Why is this important? Previously, only users with 10k+ followers could use the swipe up feature but link buttons will be available to everyone! If you don’t see this feature yet in your IG story settings, be patient and keep checking for link buttons to become available to you.