If you’ve been following the articles that we share in your monthly reports as well as the other articles that we share on our website and social media, you know that the online marketing world has continued to shift in major ways. Google is intent on improving the quality of the websites that they show to users both in terms of content and the quality of their experience. We recently told you about what we are doing to improve the quality of the experience that people have on your website. Today, I want to share how we are helping you get more patients with even better content posted to your website.

Content Quality is King

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Google knows that people will only continue to believe that Google is the best search engine if they continue to get the best results when they use it. Google is 21 years old. Over the past two decades, they have proven that online marketing is not a fad, and that effective online visibility still has to be built around (at least in part) what Google says is important. If Google says that quality is important, then we have to prioritize quality when we are going after new patients online.

The Pro Impressions team is proud of the blog content that we have written for our clients over the years. We are creative and we understand dentistry, and these things have led to posts that sometimes get too popular for their own good! We’re sorry about the vampire fang veneer posts, folks. We know how to get people’s attention and how to write informative content that Google cares about. Now we know that Google wants even more- but not just more content- more quality.

We are changing our strategy for content to go deeper. We want our content to be the most relevant content out there. We want your website to be the best. We want it to be the fastest, the easiest to use, and the most informative. That’s what Google wants, and that’s what patients want.

We have been trending this way for a while. We used to write a short blog post every week. Then we changed to writing a couple of posts per month and focused more on social media. Now we are taking that one step farther by posting just once per month, but making sure that the post checks all of the boxes of being the most relevant post for our target keywords and audience, and that it’s as unique and high quality as can be.

This is not an easy task but we are up to the challenge. It has never been possible to “win the Internet” with every post. Let’s face it: dentistry isn’t on everyone’s mind every day unless you work for (or are) a dentist. But we will make your content as fascinating, informative, or entertaining as we can.

“What Do I Need to Know?”

What does this mean for current Pro Impressions members? 

  • Blog posts will still be written uniquely for your practice and you will still own the content.
  • Future blog posts will typically be longer than previous posts and will take longer to research and write.
  • Your website will get one of these super blog posts per month.
  • We will continue to share the posts on your social platforms if you are a Pro Impressions Member dental office and not just using our Online Practice Center marketing portal.
  • Your content will likely get even more traffic per post than it did before.
  • If you happen to notice that patients regularly ask the same question and the answer to that question is not already on your website, please let us know. It would probably make a great blog post!
  • We will continue to adapt our services for your maximum value and results.

If you have any questions, please reach out to your account manager at (970) 672-1212.