Organic search results are defined as unpaid listings that show up on the results page when you type something into a search engine. Organic search results differ from pay-per-click advertisements as they can’t be bought – they solely rely on SEO best practices, such as local SEO for dentists.

Taking advantage of organic search allows you to put your practice on the map without paying out of pocket. You can think of it as free digital advertising for your business, which sounds like a pretty sweet deal, but it requires some effort.

So what enables the best dental websites to rise above the rest organically? Utilizing relevant SEO keywords and phrases – such as “dentist in Spokane, WA” or “Los Angeles dentists,” for example – within the following content can help boost your organic results:

  • Blog posts
  • Landing Pages
  • Social media updates
  • Videos
  • And more!

So, now that you know the importance of boosting your SEO score to achieve organic search results – why is being found organically so vital for your dental practice?

Here are three major benefits of organic search that make it easier for the ideal patient to find you and for your dental practice to flourish:

Cost-Effective Brand-Building

Although pay-per-click advertising may seem like the obvious answer to appearing at the top of the search engine results page, organic search doesn’t require a monetary investment and can be just as effective.

Ranking high organically costs the best dental websites absolutely nothing, and organic search results prove to be more consistent over time when it comes to showing up on the results page.

Encourage Engagement

Sprinkling relevant SEO dentistry keywords throughout your website also encourages the searcher to visit other parts of your website.

A potential patient may be reading one of your blogs about dental implants and then click on a link within that blog that takes them to another blog on your website. Now, this searcher is reading up on the symptoms of TMJ, ready to book an appointment with you.

Engaging content that is SEO-friendly can increase your website traffic. A Pro Impressions Marketing membership can provide high-quality, local SEO-targeted copywriting, bringing you one step closer to your ideal patient.

Long-Term Results

Unlike paid advertisements, which rely on the number of clicks they receive to remain relevant, the best dental websites that rank high organically remain consistently on top.

How could that be? Organic search relies on using relevant SEO keywords, which are easy to implement in website copy. This paves the way for good dental websites to remain present within search engine results almost effortlessly.

Let Pro Impressions Marketing Elevate Your Online Presence

Organic search is simply one of the factors we consider when putting your dental practice on the map. Schedule a strategy call today to see how a Pro Impressions Marketing membership can change the entire trajectory of your dental practice. Call (970) 672-1212 or make an appointment online.